On the Characteristics of the Universe

What makes the Universe the Universe?

It is consistent, coherent and functional no matter

  • WHERE you happen to look at it
  • and no matter WHEN people have ever looked at it
  • and wondered about its intricacies at no matter what SCALE.

In fact, there is a ‘built in’ wisdom at ever scale:

  • every cell knows how to behave
  • every being knows what to do at any stage in its life
  • every inanimate object follows its own inner logic according to its make-up.

So why have people managed NOT to make sense of it in a way that is scientific as well as spiritual / philosophical?

Why is there no coherent ‘Weltbild’ or world view?

Why is ‘meaning’ in the mind of the questioner just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder?

Because evolution is happening across all times and because curiosity is one of its motors in human beings…


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