Measuring and Measurements: an Art and many Technologies

It’s actually a remarkable field of study: metrology or the science of measuring.

And as most sciences, it’s an art and a technology:

  • inspiration and intuition
  • as well as a tool which can be a super-sophisticated instrument.

A lot of measures were orginally defined by the human body: hands, feet and arms for lengths.

The measuring devices that are available nowadays are the results of ingenious engineering!

BUT: all measurements have inaccuracies built in which imply a probability for being accurate. I think that’s funny in a way.

For what are measurements for, if not assuring quality?

The main purpose of measurements is comparability. Good apples need to be compared with bad apples by having a number associated with a measuring unit.

Quality is then determined either by having a high or a low number of measuring units. The average in between is the really interesting number, I think.

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