WHAT IS DOGMA? Belief based on religious persuasion, not scientific fact. I was teaching Religion in Medical School.

Dr Bruce Lipton is a biologist who knows that we can influence our genes and DNA by our beliefs. Here’s his website.

His videos look at biology and evolution in a non-linear way – a kind of precursor to my way of looking at light, life and all its variations of symmetric interactions and complementary harmonics from nano- and below to astronomic levels. The title line is a quote from his second video.

I have long decided, too, that ‘science’ has become more of a religion than what it was meant to be. But there are more and more serious people expressing genuine  interest in my work. Will 2013 become the year of breakthrough?

May I recommend to ask yourself whether you BELIEVE or KNOW something?

The rest is googling and searching…


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