SAY IT IN POETRY: Time, Space and Energy

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Retrieved from NASA online:  /Collision_Feature.html PeteSF 23:28, 22 February 2007 (UTC) Caption: Estimated distribution of dark matter making up 22% of the mass of the universe and dark energy making up 74%, with ‘normal’ matter making up only 0.4% of the mass of the universe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Time, Space and Energy

These three are for science what love, faith and hope are for religion:

holy grails, unending ideas, unfathomable concepts.

But Einstein had a dream: unifying time, space and energy must be possible.

If god knew how to create our world, we must be able to follow his or her thoughts.
If I worked it out, then not because I wanted to, but because I had to.

My inner logic told me what to think about:
from the mysteries of prime numbers,
eternity of time and infinity of space,
to the logic of measuring.

With the magic of software, I thought on screen
what Einstein dreamt on paper:
the smallest beings on earth and the largest objects in space
are all made of the same stuff.

And we, the people, too.
The light that we see and the dark that we marvel at,
together, they operate in precise and foreseeable ways.

The energy of brightness shines in time,
like the energy of darkness holds its space.
And as radiation begets reflection,
movement meets stillness.

Thus there is beauty in the brightness and heat of days,
as there is beauty in the darkness and cold of nights.

But dark energy and dark matter have been mysteries to scientists.
‘Anti-photons’ are thus my gift to them:
particles that match bright light with dark space.

As days complement nights, so do photons match ‘anti-photons’.
A jump start in conceptual thinking,
a polarity hitherto unthought of.

For the darkness and gravity of space are deeper off earth with ‘gravitons’
than the darkness and soundness of matter on earth with ‘phonons’.

‘Anti-Photons’ are dual in their many-splendoured ways:
they appear in space as gravity and on earth as sound.

But the sound of music is music of spheres
in space and on earth.

And the particles are dancing their spherical dances:
in smaller and larger formations,
in tiny and cosmic configurations.

For Einstein was right: there are no probabilities.
There is only certainty
of bright light in short and long times
and of dark energy in tiny and vast spaces:

in our minds and bodies,
in our thoughts and souls,
our feelings and sensations,
before microscopes and behind telescopes,
before our eyes and behind them.

But certainty is in the mind of the thinker
what beauty is in the eye of the beholder: light.

January 2005

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