A spiral staircase inside one of the Vatican M...

A spiral staircase inside one of the Vatican Museums (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The turns from to to fro
and right to left
going up and down the axis of a sphere
must come to a turning and joining point –
head over heels.

This zero point is not of no return
but changes the other direction:
the centri-fugal motion to the centri-petal one,
the journey from inwards to outwards,

Along double loops of spirals, radiated and reflected,
moving along symbols of infinity,
motion is in fact eternal: in three dimensions and four polar directions:
for in <-> out adds to right <-> left, forward  <-> backward and up <-> down.

Traces of a double spiral –
are tracks of a double helix
for that matter.
The idea is the same:
information is stored in the shape of motion.
The detail varies
in the abundance of the Cosmos,
of variations on a theme.

It took us humans a long time to grasp:
cyclical motion
along sin and cos,
up and down, in and out,
in dual spiral shapes,
double spiral configuration,
twin spiral intertwining
and spiral mate interchanging.

How often can Nature change –
from right and left along its waves
and up and down the axes of its spheres?

What happens in the act of moving thus?
Imagine always two together,
two spirals in dual shapes:
as doubles they’re well connected,
as twins they’re intertwining,
as mates they’re interchanging;
two particles keeping each other on track,
a planet holding its moon in balance,
like a sun holds its plants.

One starts to its right and one spins to its left,
building a field with their rotations,
a resonance of circulations,
a transformation of interchange.


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