MOVEMENT, Motion and Change

Rotation of the Earth

Rotation of the Earth (Photo credit: Ukenaut)

Their 2D sins in dual 3D spirals
together, in a vortex of 3D,
rotating around an axis of gravity
circulating in an orbit of anti-gravity.

Cosmic Numbers 0, 1 and 2 in action:
the law of balance between opposing conditions and forces,
the unity of polar pairs of dualities and polarities,
and the symmetry of change in 3D –
noble numbers as principles and operators
not objects and operands.

The rest is movement,
set in motion,
through radii and cycles,
waves and circles,
spheres and spirals,
ellipses and change:
the change of speed and direction.

Three parameters are at stake:
the radius – for the sin curve,
the diameter of the sphere – for the axis of rotation
and the number of turns – before changing direction
from in to out or out to in.

No change without its effect.
Maybe the field gets too dense.
Maybe the speed too fast,
the temperature too hot,
sound too loud,
light too bright,
maybe the movement is hotting up,
maybe temperature is all it takes,
maybe not.

In any case,
saturation will be reached,
satisfaction, balance,

The energy orgasm of electrons
and the material orgasm of sperms
are a phenomenon of quite the same kind:
particles jump to make quantum leaps.

Leaps of evolution
after cycles of circulation
and circles of rotation.

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