An increase in energy level from E 1 to E 2 re...

A decrease in energy level from E 2 to E 1 res...

A decrease in energy level from E 2 to E 1 resulting in emission of a photon represented by the red squiggly arrow, and whose energy = h (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Women’s orgasms are of the reverse kind:
from mechanical outer excitement
stems energetic inner movement.

When men and women both have the template for knowing,
the right theoretical model for the real physical experience,
they both make a quantum leap, too:
across the bi-furcation of Prigogine,
the separation of order from chaos,
up into another sphere and higher awareness
or we stay put
on our own level, in our sphere of isolation.

Men and women,
planets and particles,
we all operate
the same laws

Men can transmute their physical urge
and experience energy in the mind
while women can feel energy
thanks to their man
deep inside.

Trans-form-ation is taking place:
from one energy level to another,
one state of matter to another.
From a pair of electrons to a new atom,
a pair of molecules to a new mineral,
a pair of minerals to a new cell,
two cells form a new organism,
sperm and egg a new human.

The dance is eros,
the force is ATTRACTION: to and fro,
the power is BALANCE between two centres.

The current is electricity,
the field magnetism,
the effect is RESONANCE.

The forces are push and pull.

The directions for movement are:
not only right and left,
forward and backwards,
up and down,
but also in and out.

And there are changing points.

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