Parameter curves on a sphere

Parameter curves on a sphere (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Transformation and Change 

Transformation takes place
along three parameters – in three time intervals
and three spatial movements.

1. the radius of sin and cos
for rotation and alternation –
repetition and perpetuity, all the time

2.   the direction along the vertical axis –
for the orbit of circulation or spherical meandering
every time the top is reached –
or the bottom –
of the volume that contains
the field or the vortex –

3. the leap in and out the sphere itself:
for evolution
from sphere to sphere.

The size of the sphere
which is double the radius for sin
qualities and characteristics that vary:
contraction or expansion,
concentration or de-concentration,
re-incarnation or dis-incarnation,
in-form-ation or ex-form-ation,
the dissolution of form,
the return to light
whence all things come.

When the orbit of the sphere changes altogether,
when the quantum leap is made
from one sphere of operation to another,
then trans-form-ation takes place:
the change necessary
for qualitative differences
of substantive and evolutionary kinds.

Should expansion not continue,
should the stretching of the sphere not last,
collapse will begin.

Should collapse start
and continue along its predictable path,
then the ultimate turning point
needs to be passed.

The change-over
from outside to inside
or inside to outside
is the least frequent transition.

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7 thoughts on “TRANSFORMATION and Change

  1. federico federici March 30, 2013 at 11:50 am Reply

    “the radius of sin” is pure metaphysics. I do like this use of language.

    • Sabine Kurjo McNeill March 30, 2013 at 1:24 pm Reply

      Thank you. It’s clearly something I was inspired to think / write at the time.

      Am kind of surprised myself, as I look at it again…

      Will wonder / ponder more over Easter…


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