30 POEMS for 30 days: National Poem Writing Month – www.NaPoWriMo.net

13 04 01 NaPoWriMoJust as I was about to add another poem from my collection of many years ago, I stumbled across this invitation to publish a poem a day for 30 days…

What a neat coincidence!

How to Be – That is the Challenge

This evolutionary leap is millennium-worthy so-to-speak:
after the daily rotation
and annual circulation,
it happens only every so often.

To be or not to be
is therefore not the question.

How to be
in many-ways
and multi-positions –
that is the challenge.

Inside a system or outside,
in the light or away from it,
on earth or off the planet.

Inside your brain as participant
or outside as observer,
inside your body as activist
or outside passively watching –
these are relative positions
and evolutionary vantage points
for being and seeing.

Changing from right to left
and left to right
is nothing in the eternal movement
of sin cycles. 

Nor is the up and down within a sphere such a big deal.

But to leap into the unknown of another sphere –
it may mean another atmo-sphere –
or to retract into the non-motion of stillness –
these are transformations of a rarer kind.

Death is transformation through stillness and non-motion,
life is change into a larger sphere,
leaping on to another level,
evolving to another quality.

Spirals are models
required for life and death,
templates for being awake and asleep.

Spirals are blueprints:
for light and darkness,
energy – force – gravity and matter – mass – volume,
potential – charge – electricity and push-pull – attraction – magnetism.

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