THE TRANCE of Existence

The Trance of Existence

When light changes to matter and back,
it changes speed and direction.
When it changes its sphere of activity,
it moves along to another shape.

Evolving from sphere to sphere,
it leaps from level to level,
and magnitude to magnitude.

Frequency is more
than its amplitude and number of pulses.
And light is more than a wave,
as a particle is more than an electron.

Particles don’t need bombarding for changing.

Their dance is their trance.

Light is not an ultimate speed,
its dance is its radiation and reflection,
its vibration and resonance,
its motion and stillness.

It is the effect of spirals dancing and joining
in the trance of existence
that binds power to necessity,
and the stability of cause to the instability of multitudinous effects.

Speed is relative.
In relation to the object in motion,
and the 3D shape of linear distance travelled.

Zero point energy is the light of a sun.

 Zero point electrons are its messengers:
zero-point twins,
spiralling at steps of light units,
dancing at the rhythm of light cycles,
rotating round poles of gravity,
circulating in spiralling orbits,
radiating in circulating spheres,
and interchanging in gravitating vortices.

 As twins, they form the world of matter
and hold it in energetic suspension –
in the ‘3D TimeSpace’
of dance and trance
across all changes and transitions:
from heat and electronic matter,
creating radiation of light,
to electrons and atomic units,
creating fields of electro-magnetism.

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