FIELDS of Electro-Magnetism in the Sun of our Galaxy

Cosmic dust of the Andromeda Galaxy as reveale...

Cosmic dust of the Andromeda Galaxy as revealed in infrared light by the Spitzer Space Telescope. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From atoms to molecules
as forces of electricity.

From molecules to minerals,
as structures of pathways
and centres of gravity.

And finally, from minerals to cells,
with energy fields for life.

The organics of cells
move in Nature on Earth
as the anorganics of electrons
in the Light of the Sun: 

rotating around poles of rotation,
circulating in orbits of circulation,
spiralling in pathways of spheres.

 The journey in between
is the Passage to India:
the path to spirituality,the journey of consciousness,
the transformation of reflection:
looking back onto oneself.

As above so below:
the laws of micro-cosms regulate macro-happenings.

The sun is for its particles
what our soul is for its aspects and desires:
the radiation and gravitation that holds them together,
the unifying field.

May the marriage
of our right and left spinning electrons
take place
in the stillness of contemplation:

of the Light and the Life
in the sun and its glory:
the sun of our galaxy.


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