THERE IS SIMPLICITY in the Order of the Complexity

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English: Left to right: , , , (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We can see constants as equations in 0 dimensions.
We can see one variable as a linear equation in 1 dimension
and we can look at two variables on planes
and three in space.

No more, no less.
More variables we can illustrate in various ways,
but with difficulty as geometric objects in space.

There is simplicity in the order
of the complexity of the Universe.

There are the laws and principles of 0, 1 and 2
that are the foundation of cosmic happenings.

Platonic solids – basic 3D objects – are part of that knowing.

The eternal circle,
the perfect sphere,
the solid cube,
the mystic spiral –
let us look at the movements that take place:
between particles and waves,
waves and fields, vibrations and resonances –
change and evolution.

 Let us consider:
we count the number of times we circle to form a spiral,
we measure the length of its spindle, the spiral’s axis,
and we evolve along the change of growth,
by expanding the spiral’s turns and cycles
or by leaping into another sphere.

This is the observer’s point of view.

Then there is the traveller himself, the active participant
who moves up or down, spins right or left and turns inward or outward.

When we move ourselves,
we dance along shapes:
cycles with radii,
a sphere with a diameter,
and the spiral with an axis.

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician, software designer, system analyst, event organiser, independent web publisher and online promoter.
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