SPIRAL MOTION under the Looking Glass

Spiral Galaxy M101 - NASA's Great Observatories

Up or down the spiral
means changing direction of movement
and thus changing sign:
from positive to negative.

But the speed can be the same,
whether up or down, greater or less than zero.

As a way of looking,
slow spiralling speed
means not advancing,
but rotating as a particle forming mass.

Fast spiralling speed
means making it more than once
around the spiral’s cycles,
means circulating as a wave.

As a way of interpreting,
particles form matter,
and waves form energy.

Together, they form fields
that resonate and interchange.

Particles rotate and waves circulate
more or less sur place, in situ, in place,
around the pole of gravity,
the centring axis of attraction,
when they are not striving
towards the heights of a spiral
that promises change
and evolution.

When we count the number of turns
that we make along a spiral,
we measure spiral speed or velocity.

Geometrically, this speed can be measured
as the number of spiral turns divided by the length of
1. the pole of rotation or axis of spiralling
2. the equator of circulation or plane of orientation
3. the diameter of the sphere of radiation or field of gravity.

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