THE INFINITY of SPACE is as much an Illusion as Eternity in Time


When time enters the speed formula,
we don’t measure geometrically but algebraically.

When we look at the ratio between spiral cycles and time,
we look at time units and life cycles
for light, particles, organisms, humans and planets.

Thus we have three measurements of speed:
1.      static potential that characterises the individuality of a spiral by its size and shape
2.      dynamic spin that determines its qualities of phenomena and
3.      harmonic velocity that depends on the interchange with surrounding fields.

  Watching potential in its scope for infinity,
we conclude that only particles are privy to such charge.

When we follow velocity towards infinity,
we cover infinite numbers of cycles.

When the length of the axis approaches zero,
we hit the limits of linear space –
while expanding the 3D universe in its infinity –
and the cycles of time turn to eternity or cosmic evolution.

An infinity of spin
is the result
of either the radius of the spiral expanding
the number of spiral turns being smaller than one.

And thus we summarise our thoughts and observations:
the infinity of space is as much an illusion
as eternity in time.

For all we experience
is our own charge, our own spin and our own velocity.

Not advancing along the spiral pole
means changing time
but not space,
means travelling and moving in 3D,
but using TimeSpace as the container
and notion for movement.

But the notion for movement
hides the simulation of motion.

What good is it having all these observations and explanations?
Who cares whether I think things are thus?

I offer you my models
as templates for your thoughts.

I present you with my pictures
as offerings for your spirit;
for your consciousness is yearning to move on like mine.

It is natural for our spirit to yearn and to evolve,
to advance and become conscious of itself.

To shine its light unto itself,
to become illumined
in the Here and Now,
of inner awareness and outer perception,
is what the Light in our Mind does naturally.

If only we were aware…

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3 thoughts on “THE INFINITY of SPACE is as much an Illusion as Eternity in Time

  1. mlbk7 April 11, 2013 at 7:41 pm Reply

    Reblogged this on Master's Slave.

  2. mlbk7 April 11, 2013 at 8:13 pm Reply

    Extraordinary. I am so captivated.

    • Sabine Kurjo McNeill April 11, 2013 at 9:47 pm Reply

      THANK YOU!

      It’s actually material I wrote in 2005. So it’s easy for me to produce a poem per day. But I started the process before the Poem Writing Month started… I love coincidences!

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