INFINITY and ETERNITY: Maya or Illusion

English: Four metric measuring devices - a tap...

English: Four metric measuring devices – a tape measure, a thermometer, a one kilogram weight and an electrical multimeter. These instruments were selected to show some of the units of measure that are “metric units” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s give it some more thought, this illusion that Buddhists call ‘maya’.
For infinity in space is physical and perceivable,
while eternity in time is imagination, all in the mind.

It’s also mathematical: describable
and it is metrological: so many as number and so many cycles of movement:
less than a second for atoms, a year or more for planets and celestial bodies.

‘Mathematical’ means numerical, arithmetic, algebraic or geo-metric.
Infinity in space is a large number and a long line – or the division by zero – on paper perhaps.
Eternity in time is a large number and a long cycle – or dividing by null – on screen maybe.

Measuring is the bridge between the descriptions of mathematics and perceptions of physics.
We always need a number and a measuring unit,
such as a meter, kilogram and second or hour.
They need to be defined, gauged and calibrated.

However, there is another way!
For the definition of measuring units embeds the ‘technology’ that makes them;
it embodies the materials that sustain them
and it incorporates the assumptions of their maker.

If, instead, we rely on perceivable evidence on-screen,
our eyes as preceptors,
our screens as reflectors
of data re-produced
through the minds of programs and their designer,
then we have a new chance:
we can define and describe what we see:
a quality or condition, a state or a stage, a characteristic or indicator: a ‘measuring unit’!
We count the pixels that ‘measure’
so that we compare – between one image and the next, one screenshot and another.

And yuppee: we can say Wow and Aha or Eureka!
For a light goes on in our mind: we know more by seeing more.
We understand better, by ‘contrast and compare’,
We investigate shapes and patterns,
evaluate numerical values,
and interpret what we see.

The result, effect and benefits?
New world views get born:
about time, space and realities – big and small – at nano- and astro-scale
thanks to micro- and tele-scopes.

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3 thoughts on “INFINITY and ETERNITY: Maya or Illusion

  1. mlbk7 April 12, 2013 at 8:01 am Reply

    Fabulous…Math is entirely free in its development as concept linked consistently with concepts introduced by the means of precise definitions. Love you clever rhythms.

    • Sabine Kurjo McNeill April 12, 2013 at 9:50 am Reply


      Am equally intrigued by your blog!

      Never knew about BDSM. Live and learn – thanks to the magic of WordPress among other things!

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