HUMAN and Cosmic Vantage Points

Gravitational pull on an orbiting object

Gravitational pull on an orbiting object (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where do I come from?
Where am I going?

Is the egg of my mother the Zero – the source?
Is the sperm of my father the One – the origin?

Who am I – the one that emerged from Male and Female mating?
I am the 3rd, the integration of the Masculine and the Feminine,
a bit of my mother, a bit from my father
and the light
that connects us all.

I carry both,
One, the Masculine,
and Two, the Feminine,
and I can continue the eternal game
of dating and mating,
of creating and pro-creating.

Zero, the source of light and energy,
is my soul,
that enters the still point of silence and creation at birth –
and the turning point of transformation at death –
from light to matter for the birth experience –
and back for the death event.

The light body that knows
whence it comes
and where it goes,
is attracted by the same pull
as a moon to its planet.

The gravitational pull of attraction
brings me into my mother’s womb
from the light world of energy souls.

 The pull between opposites
that attracts male to female,
is the same attraction
that links matter with energy
and souls with wombs.

 3D concrete space is tempting
with its possibilities and experiences.
So many senses, so many distractions.

But my soul knows only unworldly pleasures,
knows only immaterial love,
only craves spiritual bliss.

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