LIGHT and Matter

Deutsch: Phrenologie

Light and matter
are inseparably intertwined
and inextricably intermingled:
in the cyclical dance of atoms around each other
and the electro-magnetic forces
that stem from that twirling.

The whirling of the rotations,
the dance of the circulations
and periodic evolutionary leaps
are all it takes to change
from matter to energy
and back again.

Up the spiral means towards light
and down towards matter,
while up and down depends on your vantage point,
on the star where you park – for your observation…

Our mind is at the heart of our light body,
as the sun is at the centre of our solar system.

Our mind is a go-between.

It wanders from energy worlds
to physical realities,
from symbolic representations
to concrete appearances.

And thus it is up to our mind
to practise change:
from stillness to motion,
from peace to excitement,
from the familiar to the new,
the known to the surprise.

Our mind wanders from cosmology and religion
to mathematics and geometry,
from abstraction and art
to algebra and symbols.

And collectively we go back to our roots –
of Pythagoras and Babylon,
and yet leap into the future:
of a millennium with children
who grow up with computers
and a consciousness closer to Cosmos than Churches –
and maybe closer to numbers than mathematics.

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