WHAT do they do, our Cosmic Numbers?

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What do they do, our cosmic numbers?
What are they here for?

How do they operate so invisibly and unnoticed and yet so effectively?

Why does it take so many angles and perspectives for the human eye to see
how the Cosmos is creating
with the regularity of clockwork,
the permanence of the Sun
and the immanence of God?

Beginning with Zero,
the start is God and light.

When humans re-present zero, it is a point in visual geometry.
As a number, it is an empty circle.
As a value it is nothing – but watch where you put it as an operator!
Zero is nothing on the linear sequence of numbers called cardinals.
It is the start for the series called ordinals.

Ordinals create hierarchies, sacred orders.

Order is organisation:
position and ratio in space,
rhythm and sequence in time,
harmony and resonance in movement. 

First can only came after zero,
just as zero must precede one.

I place numbers in Number Space,
at the heart of which are
a Unit Cube
and a Unit Sphere. 

In all three spaces,
zero is at the centre,
where it fulfils a function.

In Number Space, zero is a Turning Point for directions:
from plus to minus and backwards,
from up to down and reverse,
from right to left and back,
and, to describe transformation,
from inside to outside and back.

In a Unit Cube, zero at the core is a Crossing Point for lines
and Crossing Linefor planes:
a solid node for angles
meeting at 900,
in a man-made invention.

In a Unit Sphere, zero at the heart is still:
a centre of non-action or Still Point.

But when this sphere begins to rotate,
its centre for rotation becomes a Zero Pole through Zero Point.

When a line becomes an axis or pole,
it has a role and function.

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