ROTATING Twin Spheres

One of the first drawings of a magnetic field,...

When spheres are rotating,
their function creates action and reaction.
They make things happen.

Rotating as a sphere
means developing a magnetic field,
just as electricity does.

Being a particle within a rotating sphere,
means moving in smaller circles at the top and the bottom
than in the middle.

It means masses of particles create varying fields
by moving up and down.

Up and down a spiral
and up and downthe sin and cos waves
of natural circular and cyclical movements.

Less mass alternating with more mass,
integrating at poles and disintegrating at equators,
sin alternating with cos,
means push/pull forces of waves
form a field
which we call gravity.

The Centre of Gravity is a Gravity Line:
 Zero Pole through Zero Point
of a rotating sphere.

But when one sphere circulates around another sphere,
its centre of gravity –
or pole of rotation –
becomes the object of attraction
on its orbit of circulation.

 The orbit of circulation
is of spiral shape.
(2D Ellipses go out of the window.)

For it follows the patterns of natural growth
and the rhythms of cyclical motion.

The spiral is embedded in a sphere of circulation
as one of a double spiral that goes down
and up.

Perpetuum mobile means: up and down one spiral in one sphere,
up and down another spiral in its twin sphere
while leaping from sphere to sphere.

I have seen an oloid as a plastic shape
that embeds that motion.

But so far in one direction – a straight line on a table.

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