FROM One to Two: another Quantum Leap?

English: Vortex with autumn leaves Cayte Made ...

English: Vortex with autumn leaves Cayte Made with GIMP and Inkscape (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From the radius of a circle of One,
comes the diameter of Two:
of a sphere
that contains all:
and spiral turns,
rotating in its own vortex of energy
moving in suspension along an orbit
that is defined by a larger sphere.

But definition is not evolution.
God did not sit and define.
God put into motion
and watches evolution.

By creating One
God created Two
as perfect symmetry,
complete polarity
or imperfect duality.

There is no subject and object.
There is only One and the first
and evolution that makes the next follow.

In god’s wisdom,
the second was symmetrical.

On as many levels
as One is multi-functional.

And all symmetries and polarities
can be united and transcended
in a third dimension.

Two spheres resonating,
two vortices inter-relating,
two fields inter-acting,
two masses inter-attracting,
two orbits inter-twining,
two movements inter-connecting,
result in a third: the Big InterChange.

Symmetries of two
moving in three-dimensional space –
this is the model for life:
for man and woman on earth
and planet earth in space,
for god and humans in Cosmos.

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2 thoughts on “FROM One to Two: another Quantum Leap?

  1. mlbk7 April 23, 2013 at 8:46 pm Reply

    It is said there are three types of symmetry and various ways to classify animals, but only one used in biology is symmetry. Although it primarily applies to animals, if symmetry is the balanced distribution of duplicate body parts or shape, does this mean that a figure can be divided along a plane to determine if the proportions are equal?

    • Sabine Kurjo McNeill April 23, 2013 at 9:32 pm Reply

      What a sharp question! I would say: yes. Although there are bound to be exceptions.

      What made you think about this?

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