FROM Two to Three: how about Quantum Cubes as Metric Units?

Symmetry group D nd or 2*n on the sphere

From static “point, radius, diameter”
is but one step to harmonic “volume, vortex, resonance”:
between two energy fields
in their orbits of navigation.

In man-made rectangular dimensions,
three is the root of the diagonal in space.

In nature-made spherical shapes,
three is the volume of a radius
of One, multiplied by wondrous p –
simplified and demystified in later tomes.

Three is the level of completion
for the sphere of circulation,
the double spirals in motion
and the culmination of rotation and circulation
in their vortex of energy,
the resonance of their fields.

The light of the sun
creates matter in motion
which begets form
through their fields of attraction.

The form of a sphere,
the matter from spheres,
along waves of movement as energy:
three states of existence,
three notions for being.

In man-made mathematics
three counts dimensions
and symmetries:
pairs of direction.

It counts operations
as well as their symmetrical opposites.

But the ultimate trinity
is man as god, goddess and human,
Heracles, Ulysses and Christ,
Adam, Eve and God.

Created in unity,
we create duality in thinking and language,
but integrate in trinity,
on the third higher level,
in the erect third dimension.

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician, software designer, system analyst, event organiser, independent web publisher and online promoter.
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