FROM Constants to Variables

Logical connectives

Logical connectives (Photo credit: Cuito Cuanavale)

In their infinity of appearance,
numbers can be clothed in the generality and variability of letters.

Then their difference in value is hushed over, covered up.
Except in those languages
where letters and numerals do have the same value – as it was in Ancient Greece!

All this is fine and it all works.
It has worked to get people to the moon
and rockets into space.

But for earthlings to become cosmic,
they need to become fuller of care, more care-ful:
more distinctive and distinguishing
between 0, 1, 2, 3
and other numbers.

Generalising 0, 1, 2 and 3
is not appropriate.

0, 1 and 2 are cosmic prime numbers,
divine constants,
the ones from which all else springs.

Their generalisation consists in the rules by which they function,
the laws by which they abide, the principles that they generate.

Their functions can not be generalised.

They are unique and primary,
primordial and original.

Algebra is generalisation:
from constants to letters.

Geometry is visual representation:
of static constructs and dynamic functions.

But the visual of a generalisation
is more than geometry:
it is art and cosmology,
intuition and creation.

The geometry of algebra
is different
from the geometry of numbers.

Pythagoras taught whole numbers in geometric shapes.
Mathematicians today use variables in geometric co-ordinates.

Mathematicians are logicians:
they think logically.

They apply rules like a computer.

And as a mathematician
I say to thee:
The Universe is logical, too.

It is consistent in space and continuous in time.

Its logic is so deep and so simple
that our thoughts need to stop
for our mind to grasp it.

It takes the mind to want to know,
and the eyes to want to see.

And it takes consistency of thinking
and the rules of logic
to follow its magic.

I hope I have made it clear –
what I see and have seen,
what I think and have thought.

May it help you on your journey
of understanding its essence and fundamentals,
its logic and magic.

The Cosmic Prime Numbers 0, 1 and 2
deserve regal treatment.

They merit divine adoration
and masterly operations.

For mathematical operations
are to numbers and variables
what medical treatments are to patients
and emotional communications for partners:
causal processes resulting in effects.

Treat them gently, the cosmic numbers 0, 1 and 2,
don’t think they are so alike
that they can be described as n.

Treat them depending on their context,
of position and function,
of space and in time,
and always in absolute 3D.

Watch out for the absoluteness of 0,
that creates the relativity of 1,
the unit of polarities that 1 creates
and what pairs of symmetry 2 is producing.

Don’t line them up,
don’t use them to flatten the earth,
don’t unify them
in the desire for your unity.

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