TIME, Space and Measuring – on the quantifications of 2D and 3D worlds

Oil painting by Urs Schmid (1995) of a Penrose...Last night, I attended an event at the Royal Institution about Penrose Tiling – the wonderfully aesthetic effects of joining basic geometric shapes and studying their behaviours towards infinity.

I thought of ‘where algebra, geometry and number theory don’t meet’ and felt nicely re-assured in my understanding.

But during my Yoga class earlier in the day I had thought about time, space and measuring.

For measuring is more than comparing.

Comparing is done in a multi-sensorial way,
as we see patterns that we enjoy or don’t
hear sounds that please or don’t
sense smells that we like or not
and feel the experience of touch – with pleasure or with pain.

Comparing rationally, intellectually, mathematically and metrologically
is done either through charts that appeal to our visual experience
or the statistical way with numbers – built on theories and theorems.

Roger Penrose touched on things that are ‘forbidden, for a theorem says so’.
Yet evidence before our eyes shows us contrariwise.
Hence I’m not alone with thoughts about data- and evidence-based science
to evolve from theory-based experiments
to data-based science with sensors that build a smarter planet.

For space is not only the plane on which our feet rest,
it is the room in which our planet rotates and circulates
and it is the space that is the universe:
too large to imagine, too wide to encompass,
too far to travel.

Except in our imagination!
In our mindspace we travel the universe every night with our ‘dream machine’.
And thus time is not a 4th dimension, but part of our experience of space and moving
in, on and above it.
As Giordano Bruno said before he was burnt on the stake:

There is no time, there is only movement.
For if there was no movement, there would be no time.

Measuring time is one challenge.
Measuring space another.
The tools are numbers, associated with measuring units.

My software allows for defining and discovering new metric units,
beyond ‘time is money’
and beyond second, meter, kilogram
as the fundamentals for measuring units.

As a result, we can measure on-screen what can’t be measured with physical instruments in physical space and current understanding of time along a time line.

Quantifying means numbering.
Measuring means combining numbers with metric units.
People need metrics to make decisions.
They want predictions and trends for the future of time;
but can’t even measure the growth of the volume of a baby in nine months!

Would that they tried my software methods!
Would that they used them to explore the data of their daily experience
to deepen and expand their knowledge about their surroundings.

For it’s time for humanity to wake up to the space of our home:
the only planet there is.

Why on earth should we destroy with yet more wars and other destructive actions, when we could sing, scream and shout that we’re all wonderful people???


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4 thoughts on “TIME, Space and Measuring – on the quantifications of 2D and 3D worlds

  1. Big Board - little universe May 16, 2014 at 3:19 am Reply

    Very good, Sabine. I so enjoy your writing and thinking. -Bruce

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