TOWARDS a Gender-Balanced Agenda: with #WomenShiftDigital, #techmums, #savvify + Smart Knowledge Portals?

13 11 27 PythagorasWhat a day: Women Shift Digital!

What a venue and sponsor: Level 39 in One Canada Square.

And what a fantastic quantity of quality women – starting with

  • event organiser Ghislaine Boddington – who clearly knows what she’s doing between London, Brussels and other significant locations to get the message across by getting key people together: we can do it!
  • keynote speaker Chi Onwura, the engineer turned MP and now Labour Shadow Minister in the Cabinet Office – about ‘Women in IT’ in Computer Weekly here – pointing out that the 12% of participation of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) haven’t changed for 25 years!
  • Janet Thomas, VP of Women in Banking and Finance – recommending not only mentors but also sponsors to advance your career
  • the star of the young generation: Anne-Marie Imafidon who set up STEMettes
  • and the best role model there is from young divorced mum to university lecturer and initiator of BCS Women, #techmums and #savvify: Dr Sue Black.

But besides these stars on the programme, I met many other fantastic women right from the start, e.g.: Megan who runs X Media Lab, Yanka and Coralie of body > data > space.

Let’s see how we’ll get the funding to ensure not only the Ascent of Mathematical Woman – as Margaret Wertheim describes it in Pythagoras’ Trousers, but also of

  • GeekGirls who develop Smart Knowledge Portals
  • ‘Data Women’ who enter the portals as data scientists
  • and ‘domain experts’ who embed their expertise as ‘expert users’.

Might the time have come for my 3 innovative software methods to see the light that women shine?

A gender-balanced agenda can only be composed by men whose right brains are also developed and by women who are using the left brain for logical, analytical and rational purposes.

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician, software designer, system analyst, event organiser, independent web publisher and online promoter.
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