TOWARDS a Gender-Balanced Agenda: with #WomenShiftDigital, #techmums, #savvify + Smart Knowledge Portals?

13 11 27 PythagorasWhat a day: Women Shift Digital!

What a venue and sponsor: Level 39 in One Canada Square.

And what a fantastic quantity of quality women – starting with

  • event organiser Ghislaine Boddington – who clearly knows what she’s doing between London, Brussels and other significant locations to get the message across by getting key people together: we can do it!
  • keynote speaker Chi Onwura, the engineer turned MP and now Labour Shadow Minister in the Cabinet Office – about ‘Women in IT’ in Computer Weekly here – pointing out that the 12% of participation of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) haven’t changed for 25 years!
  • Janet Thomas, VP of Women in Banking and Finance – recommending not only mentors but also sponsors to advance your career
  • the star of the young generation: Anne-Marie Imafidon who set up STEMettes
  • and the best role model there is from young divorced mum to university lecturer and initiator of BCS Women, #techmums and #savvify: Dr Sue Black.

But besides these stars on the programme, I met many other fantastic women right from the start, e.g.: Megan who runs X Media Lab, Yanka and Coralie of body > data > space.

Let’s see how we’ll get the funding to ensure not only the Ascent of Mathematical Woman – as Margaret Wertheim describes it in Pythagoras’ Trousers, but also of

  • GeekGirls who develop Smart Knowledge Portals
  • ‘Data Women’ who enter the portals as data scientists
  • and ‘domain experts’ who embed their expertise as ‘expert users’.

Might the time have come for my 3 innovative software methods to see the light that women shine?

A gender-balanced agenda can only be composed by men whose right brains are also developed and by women who are using the left brain for logical, analytical and rational purposes.

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3 thoughts on “TOWARDS a Gender-Balanced Agenda: with #WomenShiftDigital, #techmums, #savvify + Smart Knowledge Portals?

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