DIGITAL #ICHING: new #Patterns, #Designs and a new #Science thanks to Octal Numbers

This Gnostic Book of Changes quotes Terence McKenna:

The I Ching is no magic; it is a science we don’t understand.

t-shirtThe science that I am offering, comprises a new understanding of

The use of octal numbers has allowed me to find ‘stable’ hexagrams, i.e. those with dual octal digits: the values 00, 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77. 

In digital designs, they can be represented from four ‘view points’ or ‘cornerstones’:

When used for divination, two hexagrams are used: one to represent the Here and Now and a second one that the current situation changes into, based on those lines that change when we make our conventional or binary divination.

The position of two hexagrams within a set of hexagrams and eight different sets adds new scope for interpretation:

1. Which ‘quadrant’ or ‘directional context’ of change do our two hexagrams occupy? That depends on the ‘intensity’ of change, as indicated by the ‘stability’ of the two hexagrams:

  • Stable UnstableTop Right, if both are stable;
  • Top Left, if the first is stable and the second one unstable;
  • Bottom Left, if both are unstable;
  • Bottom Right, if the first is unstable and the second one is stable.

P F U CThe meaning of the quadrant position is explained also under polarities:

  • the Left is the Past and the Right is the Future
  • the Top is Consciousness and the Bottom is Unconsciousness.

2. Which ‘plane’ are we moving from and to:

  •  4 Quadrants 00 7700 or Dark (Earth, night) to 77 or Light (Heaven, day):
  • becoming conscious of ourselves and our world – as on the left – if the first hexagram is < or smaller than the second one;
  • here the four ‘quadrants’ are home to complete sets of hexagrams – showing fourfold symmetry – both visually and numerically.

It is this combination of visual beauty and numerical accuracy that adds new value to this ancient wisdom.

Or are we moving

4 Quadrants 77 00

  • 77 or Light (Heaven) to 00 Dark (Earth):
  • becoming inspired by the Universe – as on the left – if the first hexagram is > or greater than the second one.

3. How do we interpret the comparisons of visual positions and numerical values of two hexagrams?

  • Stable hexagrams in diagonals illustrate directions of change: between Light (day) and Dark (night).
  • Quadrants of single sets of hexagrams bridge polarities of time: past and future as well as awareness: unconscious and consciousness.
  • Planes of four sets of hexagrams bridge polarities of space: Heaven and Earth as boundaries for humans: inspiration and manifestation.

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4 thoughts on “DIGITAL #ICHING: new #Patterns, #Designs and a new #Science thanks to Octal Numbers

  1. Sabine Kurjo McNeill April 16, 2015 at 12:00 pm Reply

    Reblogged this on Sabine K McNeill.

  2. Anonymous Lightworker because of what Edward Snowdens saying April 16, 2015 at 12:07 pm Reply

    thanks a lot Sabine. Hard to get my head round but ill start exploring your site

  3. Anonymous Lightworker because of what Edward Snowdens saying April 16, 2015 at 3:55 pm Reply

    Eric says:
    What’s all these references to “light” and “light workers”?? Are you refering to Lucifer,the bringer of light who all these Bilderberg nutcases worship?. Are you saying you too are a Luciferan?


    15 Apr 2015 12:16 pm

    Adam Lightworker says:

    Not at all
    Im saying its become clear to me, and this world makes a lot more sense, that the physics has been a lie, Free Energy technologys real, antigravity crafts, and by the same token, Spirituality too, entities, angels and demons. Go and see paul laviolettes website
    And its quite clear now,
    All the incomprehensible evil on this planet. And the definite concerted attempt and strategy, to weaken us and reduce our numbers and take from us, and take our mental energy too,
    Its quite clear that these elites running the system are evil and demons are at work behind the scenes influencing them. Look around you. Look at
    as an example.
    Go and see Lawrence Wilsons lightworker article to learn more

    Im saying, theres a literal battle between good and evil going on. And we cant be spectators any longer. Weve either got to align ourselves with evil, go down that road. Or align ourselves with all that’s right and good, for the Light. Because angels and demons are working behind the scenes, and because times non linear in the other dimension
    like a huge ocean where they can swim to different depths, meaning time, theres massive ability they have to oversee, and plan
    And I don’t think a lot of things that happen in our lives, are just random coincidence
    So there is behind the scenes influencing going on
    Doubt what I say?
    Look at the lights on Ceres, evidence of the secret space program. This means Paul LaViolettes physics is right. That’s why with UFOs and aliens, we mustn’t just be thinking in this 3D plane
    A lot of aliens are extradimensional who visit
    This is what David Icke means, when he mentions Reptilians.

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