Why 3D Metrics?

When investigating metrology and the measuring units in use, it becomes apparent that it’s not always 3D that is being considered.

Because of the separation of time and space, of speeds and masses, different aspect of natural 3D phenomena are being measured.

My theoretical concepts are of a highly unifying nature and thus new possibilities for measuring become possible. By quantifying what is represented in digital images, new qualitative measuring units can be defined and quantified:

  • qualities of materials in physics and chemistry
  • of characteristics and reference materials
  • of upper and lower limits
  • standards and averages.

I find that terribly exciting, because I know it’s possible. Unfortunately, it takes money to turn my software designs into functional code…

Well, the Year of Breakthroughs has begun and I have the best possible first client and programmer with whom to turn my software designs into clickable code!

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