The header picture is copied and pasted from Stars by M. C. Escher, a wood engraving print that shows a variety of polyhedra, generously made available by Wikimedia.

Escher was a master at creating 3D illusions. So he must have understood a lot about the combination of measuring and seeing.

That’s what my 3d metric work is about. But it HAS to be expressed in the dynamic functionality of software rather than the static sequentiality of words.

The second image from the left is a sprayed synthetic surface that is “re-visualised” in “visual and metric 3d” in the third image. Escher helped along with software, so to speak.

The fourth and fifth image are my newly found way of organising the 64 hexagrams of the ancient Chinese Book of Wisdom I Ching. I add a new principle of ordering, by using octal numbers for the trigrams that make up the hexagrams.

I attempt to use words here because it’s a challenge to describe the implications of my insights as ideas, rather than reveal my discoveries in ‘patent descriptions’ and ‘how to’. Been there. Done that: I withdrew five patent applications before publication and visited six patent agents to discuss my early findings. Since then, I’ve managed to produce a prototype. And that gave me a new tool for thinking and investigating that I’d like to pass on. But only on the right terms! An American marketing company has wasted a lot of money after none of my oodles of attempts have come to fruition in the UK or on the continent.

For patent applications turn my ‘ideas’ into valuable “IP” (intellectual property). But in our times of monetary and spiritual scarcity, people think they can have my ideas for free.

Well, my ideas yes. My IP no.

For nobody paid me to work it out during years of ‘splendid intellectual isolation’. But Einstein recommended to take the job of watching the sea from a lighthouse to think without disturbance!

One guy at CERN (my former employer) also thought it would be nice to get it all for free. But the gap between the mindsets of science and business is enormous.

So far, I have fallen between science and business: as a woman, an academic without a PhD, an SME and a free spirit who dared to leave CERN, even though I was cheated out of a disability pension, after a very serious car accident on duty trip.

Still. Life is not made for complaining. Life is made for living. And blogging means living, too!

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  1. beeseeker April 8, 2013 at 8:21 am Reply


  2. Big Board - little universe April 13, 2013 at 1:56 pm Reply

    Keep it up! There is a huge concrescence of thinking within this domain. All contributions should be welcomed. What software do you use for your 3D work? Can students (and I) take things apart with that software to see what is inside? -BEC

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