Professional Life with Zest

It’s been an inner logic with passion, if not an obsession, that made me create file after file, with whatever hardware and software I used since November 1996.

It started with Word:

  • 196 tables to juxtapose my New insights with the Old and the differences
  • 25 documents to specify a prototype
  • and am now putting ‘black toolboxes’ together for a software developer – revisiting CDs and hard disks with strange memories and amazement over what I have produced, before I concentrated on my social life with meaning, whilst caring for my mum until she passed away.

But Excel was handier for playing with numbers and graphics and manipulating image data.

At some stage I loved MindMaps and moved to Visio Diagrams with a view to explaining my insights to software developers.

And of course PowerPoint presentations for conferences and websites, also turned into videos.

And then all those applications for funding in all sorts of forms and formats.

And I participated in lots of events. In the UK and in Germany. Lots of business cards in a box as a result!

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