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Joining Personal Dots of Experience and Insights into Atomic Particle Scales and Astronomic Planetary Dimensions

I’m coming out with my scientific knowledge, mathematical insights and philosophical understanding of why humanity is where it’s at.

I worked at CERN from 1966 to 1979, but suffered this terrible accident because a physicist friend had fallen asleep on the wheel in 1973. As the only woman I was invited to celebrate 50 years of computing at CERN. The boss of my former boss told us how hard it was to convince physicists of the value of computing. I wish people would appreciate computer languages for learning logic and human languages to understand communication.

I stop hiding. Enough is enough: suffering from abuse because I exposed the worst possible child sexual abuse, when my mum saved me from the bombing of Dresden for a much higher purpose.

I have dissolved many mathematical puzzles and turned the curse of dimensionality into the blessing of layering complex data. This includes an exact value for π in another number system. But a patent agent told me “You can’t patent theories, you must create vendible products.” That’s how I became a software designer and came up with the prototype that produced this gallery of images with their re-visualisations through my ‘software lenses’.

I have not been accepted for competitions and challenges because I was not part of the academic establishment. Oodles of funding applications have been rejected. Everybody wants to know how I’m doing what I’m doing. Nobody puts their money down to pay programmers to turn my designs into code. Too many applications are possible. But Ken Adachi who publishes Educate Yourself immediately ‘got it’. Some people do. Many don’t. He proposed I use images from his site to illustrate the damage of vaccines more accurately! Smart application, obviously! But he also thought of many others, including my latest disappointment with a betting king. Hence I’m working on the Ethical Investment Network now.

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