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DIGITAL #ICHING Hexagrams in new Visual Order thanks to Octal Numbers

Matrix with Grid and NumbersRow 0 contains hexagrams 00, 0107.

Row 1 contains hexagrams with octal values 10, 1117.

Row 7 contains hexagrams 70, 7177.

And so it goes:

a new visual order thanks to a new numerical order!

1 00 77Above all, marvel at the beauty of the visual and numerical symmetries!

These are the first images I produced with GIMP.

I can’t use more than 3 colours if I also want to use the visual diagrams as digital designs on t-shirts and other accessories.

Let’s see where the digital paintbrush will lead me…

In the next collection of diagrams you will notice the symmetry created by organising the hexagrams in four different ways:

  • from four ‘corner stones’ or ‘zero point’ positions.

Thus they form a new kind of ‘visual ensemble’:

Light (heaven) at the centre radiates towards Dark (earth) on the outskirts.

And now in reverse order, with earth at the centre and light at the periphery:

Or with the highlights of colour:

1. from 00 to 77, i.e. Earth to Heaven, starting at four different corner points:

2. from 77 to 00, i.e. Light or Heaven to Darkness or Earth:

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DIGITAL #ICHING: Octal Numbers as new Ordering Principle & 8 as Chinese lucky number

I wish I could remember what made me

Funky Facts about 8

think of what now is so obvious: the use of octal numbers to re-order the hexagrams 1 to 64 (base 10) from 00 to 77 (base 8), leading to remarkable visual effects.

So I used

  • trigrams numbered from 0 to 7
  • and hexagrams counted from 1 to 64
  • to renumber them from 00 to 77

and produced a lot of

Hence I was amused to discover that for the Chinese, the New Year is the Year of the Sheep, starting 19 February, with the number 8, considered to be the luckiest number, being ubiquitous, as said on this site.

I Ching hexagrams 00 to 77 with: left the firs...

I Ching hexagrams 00 to 77 with: left the first octal digit for the lower trigram under the second octal digit (upper trigram) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“3D TimeSpace” rather than “nD SpaceTime”

“3D TimeSpace”? Sounds “unscientific”, a former CERN colleague said.

3D TimeSpace is the conceptual framework for the “3D Metric” Universe. It is the ‘model’ and ‘worldview’ or Weltbild where time and space are united for phenomena to take place in – in eternal evolution and constant change:

  • between lightness and darkness
  • visibility and invisibility
  • audibility and non-audibility
  • measurability and estimability.

3D TimeSpace turns out to be a wonderful concept or construct: a model in which the origin (0,0,0) of a coordinate system à la Descartes

  • is anywhere in space: on and off earth
  • at any scale: nano, micro and macro.

The scale determines the LENGTH units of the coordinates.

And instead of measuring time, MOVEMENT is measured in “3D TimeSpace”.

Movement is measured as SPEED between point A (x1, y1, z1) and point B (x2, y2, z2) in “3D TimeSpace”. But besides measuring along lines, there are waves and other “shapes of movement” that can be used.

All else follows: the idea that everything is connected, that the Universe is coherent, consistent and so intelligent that humans can’t figure it out…

For these humans have been predominantly men who have been using pen and paper, for 2000 years since Greek thinking was replaced by Latin as the dominant language.

Indian scriptures have described what we have experienced as Kali Yuga: the “age of Kali”, “male demon” or Dark Age.

Opinions about the duration of each cycle or Yuga vary. But that we live in “interesting times” is pretty obvious to anybody and, maybe, also the need for a paradigm shift or “conceptual quantum leap” – even if it sounds “unscientific”.

But, actually, the effect of this concept is comparable to the operating system for software: a framework that connects all the parts.

“3D TimeSpace” is thus a conceptual framework for connecting the dots that are each a science in themselves:

Anybody thinking that “3D TimeSpace” is a good idea, please do acknowledge me as the originator. Thanks.

Units in all Dimensions

Just as there are measuring units, so there are many other units, man-made or natural:

  • cells in biology, as building blocks of plants, animals and people
  • elements in chemistry, as building blocks of materials, food and medicines
  • nuclear particles and atoms in physics, as building blocks of phenomena on and off earth
  • heavenly objects in astro-physics.

And then there are man-made units:

  • measuring units of all kinds
  • numbers
  • letters
  • words
  • images.

Is it conceivable to create one system of thought that brings order into the scientifc chaos of theories?

Hello world!

I’ve let my 3d metric work sleep for quite some time now, knowing that a professional company will do much better in marketing it than I ever will. Especially as they are American!

But when I recently applied for another grant that I’ll never get, I realised how easily I can write about it.

And I’ve always thought I should write about the philosophical aspects of my scientific insights.

But who wants to go through the loops of begging editors and publishers, when there is WordPress and the web as the biggest audience there is?