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THE Photonic Ocean of Light

English: The Archimedean spiral

English: The Archimedean spiral (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Light Energy in Photons, Orbitals and Spirals


If there is a beginning, there is Light Energy.
Measured in photons in motion and phonons in stillness.


A spherical photon comes from the photonic ocean of a sun.
When Light Energy moves, it follows spiralling pathways of motion.
Spiralling pathways are orbitals: the cycle or turn of a spiral.


In stillness, many orbitals form one spiral.
Their pathways are light threads.
Their density determines brightness.


In motion, spirals are dynamic:
two-way motion
along orbitals in 3D Space
creates alternation.


Alternating orbitals create pulsation in terms of linear movement:
between an upper and a lower spiral,
the two halves of a double spiral.


Alternating orbitals also create a dual shape: a cone and a pyramid,
in terms of 3D Motion Shape,
with centripetal and centrifugal effects of spiral motion.


And in addition to photons on orbitals, in conic and pyramidal spiral shapes,
there is the right/left dynamic of intertwining spiral twins.


Light energy in spiral twins is spinning:
charging and discharging, raising and lowering potential.


Circular right/left spin and vertical up/down pulsation,
these determine the spiral’s charge,
its electric potential:
an amplitude and a frequency
in spiralling terms.


But space has three dimensions.
Two-way dynamics resonate in three-way fields.


The spinning spiral twins pulsating in dual spiral shape,
create wave fields of light in spherical shapes.


In dark, cold and vast space, spherical wave fields of light radiate and are reflected:
spherically by their own boundaries and orthogonally by opposite space conditions.


Dynamic 2-way motion creates 3-way wave fields.
Thus we need to study harmonic 3D resonance that result from dynamic 2-way motion.


Opposite light energy conditions meet opposite space matter conditions.


Balance is naturally and lawfully redressed with respect to
 the quality of light
 the characteristics of energy
 the shape of space
 and the form of matter.


THE Eternal Process of Creation

Speed of light (Fizeau)

Speed of light (Fizeau) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rotating around our still point and pole,
circulating in an orbit of gravity,
and integrating the push away and the pull towards,
this is stillness in motion,
meditation in action,
energy transforming into matter
to find form through fields
and back.

The eternal process
of creation of visible matter
from invisible energy,
and order of relative motion
from objects in absolute positions –
both inside our mind and outside
is unending a dance –
of life outside and exploration inside.

When e = mc2,
c2 is the attempt
to describe the powers
that create form.

Form for matter.

The speed of light
is measured
as linear distance
and squared.

What if we measured the length of a sin wave travelled?

 The circumference of a sphere
unravelled as wave
along which light particles rotate
on their seeming journey to earth?

God creates numbers and units
and One as measure.

Who am I to establish a measure
for the speed of light?

Just a new way of looking:
from lines to waves,
from a straight distance
to a curved sin wave.

DYNAMICS: a Precursor for Harmonics

Dynamics has a life of its own.
There is energy behind the dynamism of a person,
the dynamics of a group
and the development of an illness.
And there is energy behind movement.

Where there are many components that interact with each other,
natural dynamics is the law according to which things unfold.

In the beginning there was Light that was dual.
Single-light particles
rotating around their own centre
begot their twins.

When two particles are in tandem,
each rotating around its centre,
they circulate and alternate,
with an axis in their middle,
the axis as the centre of gravity of a sphere.

By rotating around each other,
they create a field of energy.

Thus LIGHT is the medium,
ELECTRICITY the message
and the UNIVERSE their effect – and cause at the same time.

ENERGY in the form of movement
is the message of a sun as medium:
moving along spirals within a sphere,
changing from expanding to contracting and back.

They start again,
by changing from centri-fugal to centri-petal
or outwards to inwards
their twists and their turns.

Two particles
hold each other in balance – just as two planets.
Through push and pull,
attraction and repulsion,
they come and go.

Motion of two specks of non-mass,
along spirals in and out
within a sphere,
creates perpetual repetition of their actions.

But repetition is half a cycle out of sync,
one half of the sin wave too late,
one step behind the other.

MORE POETRY – one page at a time: The Big InterChange of Evolution


Light (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

The Big InterChange of Evolution
or Dancing in the Light (Shirley MacLaine)

In the beginning there was static light.
A Static Universe of Still Light.
When God began creation, s/he set PRINCIPLES in motion:
after the polarities of curved RADIATING light and orthogonal REFLECTED light,
followed the principles of UNITY in POLARITY,

The result were effects that continue and repeat,
that change and evolve – in the desire to regain
that original balance,
that Source of Light that originated all. Continue reading

WHAT IS DOGMA? Belief based on religious persuasion, not scientific fact. I was teaching Religion in Medical School.

Dr Bruce Lipton is a biologist who knows that we can influence our genes and DNA by our beliefs. Here’s his website.

His videos look at biology and evolution in a non-linear way – a kind of precursor to my way of looking at light, life and all its variations of symmetric interactions and complementary harmonics from nano- and below to astronomic levels. The title line is a quote from his second video.

I have long decided, too, that ‘science’ has become more of a religion than what it was meant to be. But there are more and more serious people expressing genuine  interest in my work. Will 2013 become the year of breakthrough?

May I recommend to ask yourself whether you BELIEVE or KNOW something?

Continue reading