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Proxima B in new Digital Light and Perspective: ‘visual and metric 3D’ @ESO

17-02-15-proxima-bThis still was taken from this video produced by the European Space Observatory ESO about Proxima B, the closest planet likely to be habitable.

By feeding it into our Smart Knowledge Engine it shows a new ‘landscape’ in ‘visual and metric 3D’:









But the real magic happens on screen when you start moving that ‘landscape’ around to look at its peaks and valleys:

Bruno, Bach and Pythagoras: architects of light, sound and number

My mum (1922 – 2011) who understood me better than anybody else gave me the book Gödel, Escher, Bach by Douglas Hofstadter (1954 – ) ages ago.

But my most likeminded heroes must be Giordano Bruno (1548 – 1600), Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 – 1750) and Pythagoras (570 BC – 495 BC) – besides everybody who contributed to the evolution of computing.

These Golden Verses are attributed to Pythagoras and end with:

  • and Thou Thyself Shalt by Thine God in one translation I read.

Pythagoras is famous for his theorem a2 + b2 = c2. But what I have put into software is his other famous saying:

  • All is Number – the subject of a cute 6-min Chinese video which also makes the link to BELIEFS and religion.

I found my favourite quote of Giordano Bruno in the Museum for Telecommunications in Berlin:

  • There is no time. There is only movement. For if there was no movement, there would be no time.

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Numbers in the Old Testament

When updating my last post about the Digital I Ching, WordPress showed me 25 quotes by Terence McKenna that will blow your mind published by The Unbounded Spirit. I found them inspiring and insightful, especially the link between Cult and Culture, given that we are dealing with a father whose children accuse him of being the leader of a cult that kills babies and abuses them and 18 other ‘special’ children…

I also stumbled into NUMBERS as the fourth book of the Old Testament. There are 35 chapters in NUMBERS. Reading just the titles, is like reading the history of people divided between living in unison with god and fighting that what can be called god or ‘universal’ and ‘cosmic intelligence’.

I noticed the ‘threescore’ for Judah and Dan. I wrote it as if it meant 100,000, but that’s hardly correct. The ‘numbering by their names’ is to me the attribution of numerical values of letters.

  1. The Numbering of Israel in Sinai
    1. The tribe of Reuben: 46,500 were ‘numbered by their names’ who were able to go forth to war;
    2. Simeon: 59,300
    3. Gad: 45,650
    4. Judah: 314,600
    5. Issachar: 54,400
    6. Zebulun: 57,400
    7. Ephraim: 40,500
    8. Manasseh, 32,200
    9. Benjamin: 35,400
    10. Dan: 302,700
    11. Asher: 41,500
    12. Naphtali: 53,400
    13. The Levites were not numbered, but ‘appointed over the tabernacle of testimony’.
  2. The Camps and Leaders of the Tribes
  3. The Number and Duty of the Levites
  4. The Tasks Assigned to the Levites
  5. The Unclean Driven from the Camp
  6. The Law for the Nazarite
  7. Offerings for the Dedication of the Altar
  8. Aaron Lights the Lamps
  9. The Observance of the Passover
  10. The Silver Trumpets
  11. The LORD Sends Quails
  12. Miriam and Aaron Speak against Moses
  13. The Twelve Spies Sent to Canaan
  14. The People Rebel against the LORD
  15. Laws concerning Offerings
  16. Korah’s Rebellion
  17. Aaron’s Rod
  18. Provision for the Priests and Levites
  19. The Purification of the Unclean
  20. Water from the Rock
  21. The Canaanites Attack Israel
  22. Balak Sends for Balaam
  23. Balaam Blesses Israel
  24. Balaam’s Prophecy
  25. Israel Worships Baal-peor
  26. The Numbering of Israel in Moab
  27. The Request of Zelophehad’s Daughters
  28. The Daily Offerings
  29. The Offerings at the Appointed Feasts
  30. The Law concerning Vows
  31. Israel Takes Vengeance on Midian
  32. Reuben, Gad, and Half of Manasseh Settle East of the Jordan
  33. The Stages of Israel’s Journey
  34. The Borders and Division of Canaan
  35. The Inheritance of the Levites
  36. The Law concerning the Marriage of Heiresses

In our troubled times, we each have to find our sources for meaning and making sense of all phenomena around us.

Blessed be the internet with its fountains of data, information, knowledge and wisdom!

I THINK – aided by software – therefore I AM: Mathematical Woman, here I come!

Scottsdale Coral Reef project

Scottsdale Coral Reef project (Photo credit: crochetgal)

It may sound terribly presumptuous, especially for the English culture, when I write: Mathematical Woman, here I come. But I am old enough to wear a Purple Hat with pride and am just reading God, Physics and the Gender War.

The author Margaret Wertheim writes beautifully about science and the problems that it hasn’t solved yet – also in this TED discussion. And she writes about the Ascent of Mathematical Woman, besides all the reasons why women haven’t had equal chances yet. At the last event on Intelligent Imaging we were 64 participants and 4 women.

Her chapter on Rene Descartes who is famous for “I think, therefore I am“, reminded me of what I always claim: by practising ‘software-aided thinking’, I re-visited mathematics through the eyes of a mature programmer and came up not only with incredible insights, but also prototype software that produces unique screenshots by demonstrating three innovative software methods.

If men can be humble enough to express their admiration, I get a bit of positive body language. The professor who said “This is the most important work since relativity theory, because it’s about understanding number” claimed later I was mis-quoting him.

So I keep trying to find potential clients, collaborators and partners with whom to build smart knowledge portals without explaining the mathematics behind them.

Let the software drive the minds of its users
as an engine moves the car of its drivers:
without knowing how it works.

But humans want to know how things work around them:
the light that wakes them
the dark that puts them to sleep
the strong that holds them together
and the weak that lets things fall apart…

May Mathematical and Data Women repair
what has fallen apart in the past!

FROM Conceptual Heaven to Analytical Hell and back: on the Specifications for Identifying and Counting Cancer Cells

English: Map of the CERN accelerator complex

English: Map of the CERN accelerator complex (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is a strange phenomenon, this process called thinking. Especially when it’s aided by software:
for it requires the rigour of Zen, combined with the freedom of right brain associations.

I know very well when I’m in conceptual heaven. I know it makes me happy to abstract, generalise and think up the right names for the right ideas.

And I know that I need to dive into analytical hell. For the devil is in the detail.
But splitting hairs, separating powers and issues has happened too much in the Western world.
Everything has been taken apart. Not enough has been put together again.
What I’d like to put together is the smartness of human perception
with the cleverness of computer processing or number crunching.

For when celebrating 50 years of computing @ CERN, I was introduced to Citizens CyberScience and
One of the projects is – the invitation for volunteers to classify images:
identify cancer cells and estimate their number.

Hey presto: an invitation to do better, the opportunity for automation!
And thus I was catapulted into conceptual heaven:
writing the spec for a coder to tell the machine what I’d like it to do for us.

For we, the people, can’t possibly do it: scan systematically and precisely,
pixel by pixel, compare and check, decide and proceed:
counting the good ones and the bad ones – just as Cinderella.

And now I wonder: will Prince Charming show up in the shape of Cancer Research UK?

FROM One to Two: another Quantum Leap?

English: Vortex with autumn leaves Cayte Made ...

English: Vortex with autumn leaves Cayte Made with GIMP and Inkscape (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From the radius of a circle of One,
comes the diameter of Two:
of a sphere
that contains all:
and spiral turns,
rotating in its own vortex of energy
moving in suspension along an orbit
that is defined by a larger sphere.

But definition is not evolution.
God did not sit and define.
God put into motion
and watches evolution.

By creating One
God created Two
as perfect symmetry,
complete polarity
or imperfect duality.

There is no subject and object.
There is only One and the first
and evolution that makes the next follow.

In god’s wisdom,
the second was symmetrical.

On as many levels
as One is multi-functional.

And all symmetries and polarities
can be united and transcended
in a third dimension.

Two spheres resonating,
two vortices inter-relating,
two fields inter-acting,
two masses inter-attracting,
two orbits inter-twining,
two movements inter-connecting,
result in a third: the Big InterChange.

Symmetries of two
moving in three-dimensional space –
this is the model for life:
for man and woman on earth
and planet earth in space,
for god and humans in Cosmos.

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Stand by, we may soon enter a new universe: the “3d metric” one…

The Sunday Times published on May 8th this year:

Stand by, we may soon enter a new universeStand by, we may soon enter a new universe: a very good account of “the state of the art” that I ‘circumvented’ – not with ‘theories’ like the string theory that relies on at least eleven dimensions – but with new ‘concepts’ that I have translated into prototype software.

You see, established, ‘institutionalised’ science has evolved from paper-based thinking in universities, institutes and laboratories such as CERN.

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