“3D TimeSpace”? Sounds un-scientific, a former CERN colleague said…

“3D TimeSpace” is my version of ‘nD Spacetime’. Einstein said:

15 01 01 Einstein

What I discovered is that the missing link is metrology!

BUT: I have come up with new concepts of principles for measuring. Hence I am not using

  • either kilograms for earth-bound mass
  • or meters as 1D linear measurements
  • or hours or seconds for measuring time.

With the complete freedom of outside the box thinking, I have come up with

  • light-based measuring units
  • the distinction between light-based phenomena and their measurements
  • while also differentiating between measuring units and measurements.

Measuring units in 3D TimeSpace are defined by

  • the context that depends on the length scale of the coordinate system in use
  • a vocabulary that describes the phenomena at that level of scale in terms of light.

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