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COSMIC Twin Symmetry: Double Spirals in Twin Spheres

Forces on rotating spheres tied with string

DNA is described as a double helix.

Double spirals in twin spheres,
like springs in an old mattress,
are the spherical shapes
along which particles move
and form a field
in the shape of a vortex
within the sphere of rotation.

Within a larger sphere of circulation,
two rotating spheres hold each other in balance,
through the resonance of their fields.

Cosmic Twin Symmetry

Two rotating spheres in perfect balance – sun and earth or earth and moon –
and the man-made twin paradox becomes cosmic twin symmetry.

A vortex of resonance is created
by moving up and down double spirals
that are made from rotating
along sin and cos
up and down.

This is the heart of a sun,
the image of energy
the motor of motion,
a picture of CyberArts.

The circularity of sin and cos waves up and down,
combined with mass that moves away centri-fugally
and is held in suspension by the attraction of another sphere
(which determines its orbit of circulation)
is at the heart of the wisdom
of a Universe
created by Light
as the Source for energy, force, charge and gravity.

A Cosmos of Order,
is a Universe in Motion,
round Zero at rest and to Balance.

The geometry of motion in True 3D
describes the motor of trans-form-ation:
from light
to matter
and form for one life cycle
and back for another one.

Energy, matter and form
emanate from light as the source,
numerically and mathematically zero:
geometrically and arithmetically,
as a point in space
a moment in time
and nil in calculable value
but all for cosmic balance…

From Zero to One
in quality and quantity,
as particle along a wave,
in unit and measure,
in direction and orientation,
rotation and circulation,
making cycles and leaps,
that is the power of trans-form-ation
and change of the highest order.

ROTATING Twin Spheres

One of the first drawings of a magnetic field,...

When spheres are rotating,
their function creates action and reaction.
They make things happen.

Rotating as a sphere
means developing a magnetic field,
just as electricity does.

Being a particle within a rotating sphere,
means moving in smaller circles at the top and the bottom
than in the middle.

It means masses of particles create varying fields
by moving up and down.

Up and down a spiral
and up and downthe sin and cos waves
of natural circular and cyclical movements.

Less mass alternating with more mass,
integrating at poles and disintegrating at equators,
sin alternating with cos,
means push/pull forces of waves
form a field
which we call gravity.

The Centre of Gravity is a Gravity Line:
 Zero Pole through Zero Point
of a rotating sphere.

But when one sphere circulates around another sphere,
its centre of gravity –
or pole of rotation –
becomes the object of attraction
on its orbit of circulation.

 The orbit of circulation
is of spiral shape.
(2D Ellipses go out of the window.)

For it follows the patterns of natural growth
and the rhythms of cyclical motion.

The spiral is embedded in a sphere of circulation
as one of a double spiral that goes down
and up.

Perpetuum mobile means: up and down one spiral in one sphere,
up and down another spiral in its twin sphere
while leaping from sphere to sphere.

I have seen an oloid as a plastic shape
that embeds that motion.

But so far in one direction – a straight line on a table.

HUMAN and Cosmic Vantage Points

Gravitational pull on an orbiting object

Gravitational pull on an orbiting object (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where do I come from?
Where am I going?

Is the egg of my mother the Zero – the source?
Is the sperm of my father the One – the origin?

Who am I – the one that emerged from Male and Female mating?
I am the 3rd, the integration of the Masculine and the Feminine,
a bit of my mother, a bit from my father
and the light
that connects us all.

I carry both,
One, the Masculine,
and Two, the Feminine,
and I can continue the eternal game
of dating and mating,
of creating and pro-creating.

Zero, the source of light and energy,
is my soul,
that enters the still point of silence and creation at birth –
and the turning point of transformation at death –
from light to matter for the birth experience –
and back for the death event.

The light body that knows
whence it comes
and where it goes,
is attracted by the same pull
as a moon to its planet.

The gravitational pull of attraction
brings me into my mother’s womb
from the light world of energy souls.

 The pull between opposites
that attracts male to female,
is the same attraction
that links matter with energy
and souls with wombs.

 3D concrete space is tempting
with its possibilities and experiences.
So many senses, so many distractions.

But my soul knows only unworldly pleasures,
knows only immaterial love,
only craves spiritual bliss.

SPIRAL MOTION under the Looking Glass

Spiral Galaxy M101 - NASA's Great Observatories

Up or down the spiral
means changing direction of movement
and thus changing sign:
from positive to negative.

But the speed can be the same,
whether up or down, greater or less than zero.

As a way of looking,
slow spiralling speed
means not advancing,
but rotating as a particle forming mass.

Fast spiralling speed
means making it more than once
around the spiral’s cycles,
means circulating as a wave.

As a way of interpreting,
particles form matter,
and waves form energy.

Together, they form fields
that resonate and interchange.

Particles rotate and waves circulate
more or less sur place, in situ, in place,
around the pole of gravity,
the centring axis of attraction,
when they are not striving
towards the heights of a spiral
that promises change
and evolution.

When we count the number of turns
that we make along a spiral,
we measure spiral speed or velocity.

Geometrically, this speed can be measured
as the number of spiral turns divided by the length of
1. the pole of rotation or axis of spiralling
2. the equator of circulation or plane of orientation
3. the diameter of the sphere of radiation or field of gravity.

ENERGY is 3D Resonance

English: View of the crescent moon through the...

English: View of the crescent moon through the top of the earth’s atmosphere. Photographed above 21.5°N, 113.3°E. by International Space Station crew Expedition 13 over the South China Sea, just south of Macau (NASA image ID: ISS013-E-54329). Français : Photo des couches hautes de l’atmosphère terrestre. Polski: Zdjęcie górnych warstw atmosfery ziemskiej z widocznym przejściem w przestrzeń kosmiczną. Ελληνικά: Η Γήινη ατμόσφαιρα, η φωτογραφία ελήφθη από το διάστημα κι ύψος 335 χιλιόμετρα (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Energy is 3D Resonance

For energy is 3D resonance:
waves, fields and resonance in 3D –
just as mass – matter – volume.

Light is more than a pair of electrons,
for it is the eternal interchange between light and reflected light,
causing dual electricity and dual gravity
that effects duality in form and mass.

The hotting of hydrogen in suns
that send out electrons
on their way
to Earth and all other planets,
while radiating light
as their fields of energy and temperature,
as a vortex of gravity
and sphere of influence – is but another phenomenon
of electricity and gravity, push and pull, form and mass.

 The sun rotates around its pole
just as all planets do.

But a sun circulates around itself,
while its planets have their orbits of circulation,
just as Earth.

Light is radiation:
the field of pure electronics in motion –
only existent on a sun.

Energy is 3D resonance:
the dual spiral shapes
of dual cyclical movement –
from sphere to sphere –
a field of matter in motion
in 3D space.

Energy is manifold:
as light around photons on the sun,
as electro-magnetics around molecules and minerals on planets
and as life around cells on Earth.

 Different laws bind
power to necessity:
the power to connect
electrons to molecules,
molecules to cells,
light to idea and information,
idea to pattern and form,
information to structure and minerals,
structure to pathways and motion.

MOVEMENT, Motion and Change

Rotation of the Earth

Rotation of the Earth (Photo credit: Ukenaut)

Their 2D sins in dual 3D spirals
together, in a vortex of 3D,
rotating around an axis of gravity
circulating in an orbit of anti-gravity.

Cosmic Numbers 0, 1 and 2 in action:
the law of balance between opposing conditions and forces,
the unity of polar pairs of dualities and polarities,
and the symmetry of change in 3D –
noble numbers as principles and operators
not objects and operands.

The rest is movement,
set in motion,
through radii and cycles,
waves and circles,
spheres and spirals,
ellipses and change:
the change of speed and direction.

Three parameters are at stake:
the radius – for the sin curve,
the diameter of the sphere – for the axis of rotation
and the number of turns – before changing direction
from in to out or out to in.

No change without its effect.
Maybe the field gets too dense.
Maybe the speed too fast,
the temperature too hot,
sound too loud,
light too bright,
maybe the movement is hotting up,
maybe temperature is all it takes,
maybe not.

In any case,
saturation will be reached,
satisfaction, balance,

The energy orgasm of electrons
and the material orgasm of sperms
are a phenomenon of quite the same kind:
particles jump to make quantum leaps.

Leaps of evolution
after cycles of circulation
and circles of rotation.

Absolute relativity: the bridge between general and specific relativity

“Absolute relativity” of measuring is achieved by

  1. the origin (0, 0, 0) of a coordinate system determines the absoluteness of a reference point in 3D TimeSpace
  2. the absoluteness of a point position determines the relativity of length scales on each coordinate axis
  3. as well as the relativity to other 3D bodies, 2D measuring planes and 1D measurements.

Einstein‘s special relativity relates to the structure of spacetime which should be qualified as “nd spacetime”.

His general relativity relates to the theory of gravitation.

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