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I THINK – aided by software – therefore I AM: Mathematical Woman, here I come!

Scottsdale Coral Reef project

Scottsdale Coral Reef project (Photo credit: crochetgal)

It may sound terribly presumptuous, especially for the English culture, when I write: Mathematical Woman, here I come. But I am old enough to wear a Purple Hat with pride and am just reading God, Physics and the Gender War.

The author Margaret Wertheim writes beautifully about science and the problems that it hasn’t solved yet – also in this TED discussion. And she writes about the Ascent of Mathematical Woman, besides all the reasons why women haven’t had equal chances yet. At the last event on Intelligent Imaging we were 64 participants and 4 women.

Her chapter on Rene Descartes who is famous for “I think, therefore I am“, reminded me of what I always claim: by practising ‘software-aided thinking’, I re-visited mathematics through the eyes of a mature programmer and came up not only with incredible insights, but also prototype software that produces unique screenshots by demonstrating three innovative software methods.

If men can be humble enough to express their admiration, I get a bit of positive body language. The professor who said “This is the most important work since relativity theory, because it’s about understanding number” claimed later I was mis-quoting him.

So I keep trying to find potential clients, collaborators and partners with whom to build smart knowledge portals without explaining the mathematics behind them.

Let the software drive the minds of its users
as an engine moves the car of its drivers:
without knowing how it works.

But humans want to know how things work around them:
the light that wakes them
the dark that puts them to sleep
the strong that holds them together
and the weak that lets things fall apart…

May Mathematical and Data Women repair
what has fallen apart in the past!

TIME, Space and Measuring – on the quantifications of 2D and 3D worlds

Oil painting by Urs Schmid (1995) of a Penrose...Last night, I attended an event at the Royal Institution about Penrose Tiling – the wonderfully aesthetic effects of joining basic geometric shapes and studying their behaviours towards infinity.

I thought of ‘where algebra, geometry and number theory don’t meet’ and felt nicely re-assured in my understanding.

But during my Yoga class earlier in the day I had thought about time, space and measuring.

For measuring is more than comparing.

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THE APPEARANCE of Physical Phenomena

Aurora during a geomagnetic storm that was mos...

Dynamic 2-Way Motion of Opposites
in Harmonic 3D Resonance of Wave Fields

Movement is the change agent,
motion the motor of transformation,
change the balancing act.

Opposite Light-Energy « Space-Matter conditions in 3D result in

¨      dual movement directions
in « out

  • polar light quality
    cold « hot
    dark «bright
  • opposite energy characteristics
    push « pull
    charging « discharging

¨      opposite volume conditions
empty « filled

¨      and polar shape characteristics or aspects of form
hollow « solid.

But the physics of phenomena does not match the mathematics of describing them.

May my designs for Smart Knowledge Portals
deliver the software lenses of enlightenment
that people need
to build bridges
between abstract notions and concrete measurements!

May data- and measurement-based science usher in a new phase of enlightement and understanding:
between the visible and the invisible,
the measurable and the immeasurable.

For my ‘pixel accuracy’ takes the noise out of data, as Prof. Pankaj Vadgama said…

THE Photonic Ocean of Light

English: The Archimedean spiral

English: The Archimedean spiral (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Light Energy in Photons, Orbitals and Spirals


If there is a beginning, there is Light Energy.
Measured in photons in motion and phonons in stillness.


A spherical photon comes from the photonic ocean of a sun.
When Light Energy moves, it follows spiralling pathways of motion.
Spiralling pathways are orbitals: the cycle or turn of a spiral.


In stillness, many orbitals form one spiral.
Their pathways are light threads.
Their density determines brightness.


In motion, spirals are dynamic:
two-way motion
along orbitals in 3D Space
creates alternation.


Alternating orbitals create pulsation in terms of linear movement:
between an upper and a lower spiral,
the two halves of a double spiral.


Alternating orbitals also create a dual shape: a cone and a pyramid,
in terms of 3D Motion Shape,
with centripetal and centrifugal effects of spiral motion.


And in addition to photons on orbitals, in conic and pyramidal spiral shapes,
there is the right/left dynamic of intertwining spiral twins.


Light energy in spiral twins is spinning:
charging and discharging, raising and lowering potential.


Circular right/left spin and vertical up/down pulsation,
these determine the spiral’s charge,
its electric potential:
an amplitude and a frequency
in spiralling terms.


But space has three dimensions.
Two-way dynamics resonate in three-way fields.


The spinning spiral twins pulsating in dual spiral shape,
create wave fields of light in spherical shapes.


In dark, cold and vast space, spherical wave fields of light radiate and are reflected:
spherically by their own boundaries and orthogonally by opposite space conditions.


Dynamic 2-way motion creates 3-way wave fields.
Thus we need to study harmonic 3D resonance that result from dynamic 2-way motion.


Opposite light energy conditions meet opposite space matter conditions.


Balance is naturally and lawfully redressed with respect to
 the quality of light
 the characteristics of energy
 the shape of space
 and the form of matter.


THE Eternal Process of Creation

Speed of light (Fizeau)

Speed of light (Fizeau) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rotating around our still point and pole,
circulating in an orbit of gravity,
and integrating the push away and the pull towards,
this is stillness in motion,
meditation in action,
energy transforming into matter
to find form through fields
and back.

The eternal process
of creation of visible matter
from invisible energy,
and order of relative motion
from objects in absolute positions –
both inside our mind and outside
is unending a dance –
of life outside and exploration inside.

When e = mc2,
c2 is the attempt
to describe the powers
that create form.

Form for matter.

The speed of light
is measured
as linear distance
and squared.

What if we measured the length of a sin wave travelled?

 The circumference of a sphere
unravelled as wave
along which light particles rotate
on their seeming journey to earth?

God creates numbers and units
and One as measure.

Who am I to establish a measure
for the speed of light?

Just a new way of looking:
from lines to waves,
from a straight distance
to a curved sin wave.

FROM Two to Three: how about Quantum Cubes as Metric Units?

Symmetry group D nd or 2*n on the sphere

From static “point, radius, diameter”
is but one step to harmonic “volume, vortex, resonance”:
between two energy fields
in their orbits of navigation.

In man-made rectangular dimensions,
three is the root of the diagonal in space.

In nature-made spherical shapes,
three is the volume of a radius
of One, multiplied by wondrous p –
simplified and demystified in later tomes.

Three is the level of completion
for the sphere of circulation,
the double spirals in motion
and the culmination of rotation and circulation
in their vortex of energy,
the resonance of their fields.

The light of the sun
creates matter in motion
which begets form
through their fields of attraction.

The form of a sphere,
the matter from spheres,
along waves of movement as energy:
three states of existence,
three notions for being.

In man-made mathematics
three counts dimensions
and symmetries:
pairs of direction.

It counts operations
as well as their symmetrical opposites.

But the ultimate trinity
is man as god, goddess and human,
Heracles, Ulysses and Christ,
Adam, Eve and God.

Created in unity,
we create duality in thinking and language,
but integrate in trinity,
on the third higher level,
in the erect third dimension.

COSMIC Twin Symmetry: Double Spirals in Twin Spheres

Forces on rotating spheres tied with string

DNA is described as a double helix.

Double spirals in twin spheres,
like springs in an old mattress,
are the spherical shapes
along which particles move
and form a field
in the shape of a vortex
within the sphere of rotation.

Within a larger sphere of circulation,
two rotating spheres hold each other in balance,
through the resonance of their fields.

Cosmic Twin Symmetry

Two rotating spheres in perfect balance – sun and earth or earth and moon –
and the man-made twin paradox becomes cosmic twin symmetry.

A vortex of resonance is created
by moving up and down double spirals
that are made from rotating
along sin and cos
up and down.

This is the heart of a sun,
the image of energy
the motor of motion,
a picture of CyberArts.

The circularity of sin and cos waves up and down,
combined with mass that moves away centri-fugally
and is held in suspension by the attraction of another sphere
(which determines its orbit of circulation)
is at the heart of the wisdom
of a Universe
created by Light
as the Source for energy, force, charge and gravity.

A Cosmos of Order,
is a Universe in Motion,
round Zero at rest and to Balance.

The geometry of motion in True 3D
describes the motor of trans-form-ation:
from light
to matter
and form for one life cycle
and back for another one.

Energy, matter and form
emanate from light as the source,
numerically and mathematically zero:
geometrically and arithmetically,
as a point in space
a moment in time
and nil in calculable value
but all for cosmic balance…

From Zero to One
in quality and quantity,
as particle along a wave,
in unit and measure,
in direction and orientation,
rotation and circulation,
making cycles and leaps,
that is the power of trans-form-ation
and change of the highest order.