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WHAT do they do, our Cosmic Numbers?

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What do they do, our cosmic numbers?
What are they here for?

How do they operate so invisibly and unnoticed and yet so effectively?

Why does it take so many angles and perspectives for the human eye to see
how the Cosmos is creating
with the regularity of clockwork,
the permanence of the Sun
and the immanence of God?

Beginning with Zero,
the start is God and light.

When humans re-present zero, it is a point in visual geometry.
As a number, it is an empty circle.
As a value it is nothing – but watch where you put it as an operator!
Zero is nothing on the linear sequence of numbers called cardinals.
It is the start for the series called ordinals.

Ordinals create hierarchies, sacred orders.

Order is organisation:
position and ratio in space,
rhythm and sequence in time,
harmony and resonance in movement. 

First can only came after zero,
just as zero must precede one.

I place numbers in Number Space,
at the heart of which are
a Unit Cube
and a Unit Sphere. 

In all three spaces,
zero is at the centre,
where it fulfils a function.

In Number Space, zero is a Turning Point for directions:
from plus to minus and backwards,
from up to down and reverse,
from right to left and back,
and, to describe transformation,
from inside to outside and back.

In a Unit Cube, zero at the core is a Crossing Point for lines
and Crossing Linefor planes:
a solid node for angles
meeting at 900,
in a man-made invention.

In a Unit Sphere, zero at the heart is still:
a centre of non-action or Still Point.

But when this sphere begins to rotate,
its centre for rotation becomes a Zero Pole through Zero Point.

When a line becomes an axis or pole,
it has a role and function.

FIELDS of Electro-Magnetism in the Sun of our Galaxy

Cosmic dust of the Andromeda Galaxy as reveale...

Cosmic dust of the Andromeda Galaxy as revealed in infrared light by the Spitzer Space Telescope. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From atoms to molecules
as forces of electricity.

From molecules to minerals,
as structures of pathways
and centres of gravity.

And finally, from minerals to cells,
with energy fields for life.

The organics of cells
move in Nature on Earth
as the anorganics of electrons
in the Light of the Sun: 

rotating around poles of rotation,
circulating in orbits of circulation,
spiralling in pathways of spheres.

 The journey in between
is the Passage to India:
the path to spirituality,the journey of consciousness,
the transformation of reflection:
looking back onto oneself.

As above so below:
the laws of micro-cosms regulate macro-happenings.

The sun is for its particles
what our soul is for its aspects and desires:
the radiation and gravitation that holds them together,
the unifying field.

May the marriage
of our right and left spinning electrons
take place
in the stillness of contemplation:

of the Light and the Life
in the sun and its glory:
the sun of our galaxy.

ENERGY is 3D Resonance

English: View of the crescent moon through the...

English: View of the crescent moon through the top of the earth’s atmosphere. Photographed above 21.5°N, 113.3°E. by International Space Station crew Expedition 13 over the South China Sea, just south of Macau (NASA image ID: ISS013-E-54329). Français : Photo des couches hautes de l’atmosphère terrestre. Polski: Zdjęcie górnych warstw atmosfery ziemskiej z widocznym przejściem w przestrzeń kosmiczną. Ελληνικά: Η Γήινη ατμόσφαιρα, η φωτογραφία ελήφθη από το διάστημα κι ύψος 335 χιλιόμετρα (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Energy is 3D Resonance

For energy is 3D resonance:
waves, fields and resonance in 3D –
just as mass – matter – volume.

Light is more than a pair of electrons,
for it is the eternal interchange between light and reflected light,
causing dual electricity and dual gravity
that effects duality in form and mass.

The hotting of hydrogen in suns
that send out electrons
on their way
to Earth and all other planets,
while radiating light
as their fields of energy and temperature,
as a vortex of gravity
and sphere of influence – is but another phenomenon
of electricity and gravity, push and pull, form and mass.

 The sun rotates around its pole
just as all planets do.

But a sun circulates around itself,
while its planets have their orbits of circulation,
just as Earth.

Light is radiation:
the field of pure electronics in motion –
only existent on a sun.

Energy is 3D resonance:
the dual spiral shapes
of dual cyclical movement –
from sphere to sphere –
a field of matter in motion
in 3D space.

Energy is manifold:
as light around photons on the sun,
as electro-magnetics around molecules and minerals on planets
and as life around cells on Earth.

 Different laws bind
power to necessity:
the power to connect
electrons to molecules,
molecules to cells,
light to idea and information,
idea to pattern and form,
information to structure and minerals,
structure to pathways and motion.

THUS SPOKE the Sun of Suns

Sun Pillar

Sun Pillar (Photo credit: tomhe)

Thus Spoke the Sun of Suns

Movement and chemistry,
anorganics and biology,
excitement and orgasm,
rest and stillness are the eternal balance
that the Law needs to redress.

Negative entropy is but another sphere,
another bubble in the ebullience of a Cosmos
that expresses itself as Nature on Earth
of the particles that began
as movements in the light.

Dancing in the light
are electrons of hydrogen.

Unlimited in quantity.
Limitless in their freedom in space.
Infinite in their movements in time.

 Two electrons,
one at a time,
setting off in opposite directions,
joining with their twin,
link at meeting points
and turn onto each other’s pathway.

Pushing and pulling,
while changing direction or charge,
orientation or speed,
and quality or sphere.

 Thus spoke the Sun of Suns:

in photons or electrons,
the smallest possible spheres,
stepping out from the Balance of Zero
in units of light or light units,
the smallest possible steps:

the One that is the Two
as the basis for the manifold –
untold in its magnificence. 

 But what about tachyons, quants and other bits of particles
and the imagination and observation of physicists?

How about zero point energy
that underlies it all?

I shall refrain from writing laws and sentences.
I constrain myself to poetic definitions of terms;
and the beauty of images and concepts – in the light of Light.