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TOWARDS a Gender-Balanced Agenda: with #WomenShiftDigital, #techmums, #savvify + Smart Knowledge Portals?

13 11 27 PythagorasWhat a day: Women Shift Digital!

What a venue and sponsor: Level 39 in One Canada Square.

And what a fantastic quantity of quality women – starting with

THE APPEARANCE of Physical Phenomena

Aurora during a geomagnetic storm that was mos...

Dynamic 2-Way Motion of Opposites
in Harmonic 3D Resonance of Wave Fields

Movement is the change agent,
motion the motor of transformation,
change the balancing act.

Opposite Light-Energy « Space-Matter conditions in 3D result in

¨      dual movement directions
in « out

  • polar light quality
    cold « hot
    dark «bright
  • opposite energy characteristics
    push « pull
    charging « discharging

¨      opposite volume conditions
empty « filled

¨      and polar shape characteristics or aspects of form
hollow « solid.

But the physics of phenomena does not match the mathematics of describing them.

May my designs for Smart Knowledge Portals
deliver the software lenses of enlightenment
that people need
to build bridges
between abstract notions and concrete measurements!

May data- and measurement-based science usher in a new phase of enlightement and understanding:
between the visible and the invisible,
the measurable and the immeasurable.

For my ‘pixel accuracy’ takes the noise out of data, as Prof. Pankaj Vadgama said…

THE Photonic Ocean of Light

English: The Archimedean spiral

English: The Archimedean spiral (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Light Energy in Photons, Orbitals and Spirals


If there is a beginning, there is Light Energy.
Measured in photons in motion and phonons in stillness.


A spherical photon comes from the photonic ocean of a sun.
When Light Energy moves, it follows spiralling pathways of motion.
Spiralling pathways are orbitals: the cycle or turn of a spiral.


In stillness, many orbitals form one spiral.
Their pathways are light threads.
Their density determines brightness.


In motion, spirals are dynamic:
two-way motion
along orbitals in 3D Space
creates alternation.


Alternating orbitals create pulsation in terms of linear movement:
between an upper and a lower spiral,
the two halves of a double spiral.


Alternating orbitals also create a dual shape: a cone and a pyramid,
in terms of 3D Motion Shape,
with centripetal and centrifugal effects of spiral motion.


And in addition to photons on orbitals, in conic and pyramidal spiral shapes,
there is the right/left dynamic of intertwining spiral twins.


Light energy in spiral twins is spinning:
charging and discharging, raising and lowering potential.


Circular right/left spin and vertical up/down pulsation,
these determine the spiral’s charge,
its electric potential:
an amplitude and a frequency
in spiralling terms.


But space has three dimensions.
Two-way dynamics resonate in three-way fields.


The spinning spiral twins pulsating in dual spiral shape,
create wave fields of light in spherical shapes.


In dark, cold and vast space, spherical wave fields of light radiate and are reflected:
spherically by their own boundaries and orthogonally by opposite space conditions.


Dynamic 2-way motion creates 3-way wave fields.
Thus we need to study harmonic 3D resonance that result from dynamic 2-way motion.


Opposite light energy conditions meet opposite space matter conditions.


Balance is naturally and lawfully redressed with respect to
 the quality of light
 the characteristics of energy
 the shape of space
 and the form of matter.


THE INFINITY of SPACE is as much an Illusion as Eternity in Time


When time enters the speed formula,
we don’t measure geometrically but algebraically.

When we look at the ratio between spiral cycles and time,
we look at time units and life cycles
for light, particles, organisms, humans and planets.

Thus we have three measurements of speed:
1.      static potential that characterises the individuality of a spiral by its size and shape
2.      dynamic spin that determines its qualities of phenomena and
3.      harmonic velocity that depends on the interchange with surrounding fields.

  Watching potential in its scope for infinity,
we conclude that only particles are privy to such charge.

When we follow velocity towards infinity,
we cover infinite numbers of cycles.

When the length of the axis approaches zero,
we hit the limits of linear space –
while expanding the 3D universe in its infinity –
and the cycles of time turn to eternity or cosmic evolution.

An infinity of spin
is the result
of either the radius of the spiral expanding
the number of spiral turns being smaller than one.

And thus we summarise our thoughts and observations:
the infinity of space is as much an illusion
as eternity in time.

For all we experience
is our own charge, our own spin and our own velocity.

Not advancing along the spiral pole
means changing time
but not space,
means travelling and moving in 3D,
but using TimeSpace as the container
and notion for movement.

But the notion for movement
hides the simulation of motion.

What good is it having all these observations and explanations?
Who cares whether I think things are thus?

I offer you my models
as templates for your thoughts.

I present you with my pictures
as offerings for your spirit;
for your consciousness is yearning to move on like mine.

It is natural for our spirit to yearn and to evolve,
to advance and become conscious of itself.

To shine its light unto itself,
to become illumined
in the Here and Now,
of inner awareness and outer perception,
is what the Light in our Mind does naturally.

If only we were aware…

THE 3D LIGHT SEA Embeds Us and Embraces Us

English: A particle motion in an ocean wave. A...

English: A particle motion in an ocean wave. A=At deep water. B=At shallow water. The elliptical movement of a surface particle flattens with increasing depth 1=Progression of wave 2=Crest 3=Trough (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once Earth is found to be round,
we need to look again:
not only as artists and scientists,
but also as participants and observers
and as imagineers: people who imagine the engineering of Light
as it spirals right and left, up and down, inwards and outwards.

We then distinguish:
between cosmic motion off our planet,
natural movement in Nature on earth
and happenings in human existence
that are all based on particles and waves spiralling in fields.

And once we know that particles and waves spiralling in fields
are carried by Light,
are supported by photons, rays, threads and polar spirals
as doubles, twins and mates,
then we can imagine that we are in the midst of a Light Sea:
in motion and still at the same time, where time stands still and is eternal,
as fish is in the midst of a sea of water: in wave motion and yet still.

The 3D Light Sea embeds us and embraces us,
carries the macro- and micro-cosm,
and is everywhere
all the time – like a grand Cosmic Ocean.

We need concepts that go beyond physical space and linear time,
and the idea that motion depends not only on participant and observer,
but also imagination and perception.

What we cannot imagine, we will not try to find, let alone measure.
If we look for blue, we won’t find red.

As long as we think in terms of time, space and motion,
we will not grasp the unfathomable reality of a 3D Light Sea:
immeasurable, unperceivable, but there, existent, real.

The real world is in the eye of the perceiver.
The Light World is in the eye of the imagination.

30 POEMS for 30 days: National Poem Writing Month – www.NaPoWriMo.net

13 04 01 NaPoWriMoJust as I was about to add another poem from my collection of many years ago, I stumbled across this invitation to publish a poem a day for 30 days…

What a neat coincidence!

How to Be – That is the Challenge

This evolutionary leap is millennium-worthy so-to-speak:
after the daily rotation
and annual circulation,
it happens only every so often.

To be or not to be
is therefore not the question.

How to be
in many-ways
and multi-positions –
that is the challenge. Continue reading

Measuring and Measurements: an Art and many Technologies

It’s actually a remarkable field of study: metrology or the science of measuring.

And as most sciences, it’s an art and a technology:

  • inspiration and intuition
  • as well as a tool which can be a super-sophisticated instrument.

A lot of measures were orginally defined by the human body: hands, feet and arms for lengths.

The measuring devices that are available nowadays are the results of ingenious engineering!

BUT: all measurements have inaccuracies built in which imply a probability for being accurate. I think that’s funny in a way.

For what are measurements for, if not assuring quality?

The main purpose of measurements is comparability. Good apples need to be compared with bad apples by having a number associated with a measuring unit.

Quality is then determined either by having a high or a low number of measuring units. The average in between is the really interesting number, I think.