Why ‘Digital I Ching’?


Numerical sequence of hexagrams from Wikipedia

Everybody knows about Yin – Yang polarities.

Most people also know about balancing right and left brain hemispheres.

Wikipedia publishes the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching – the ancient Chinese Book of Changes as seen on the left.

In science, there are lots of polar opposites that need bridging:

  • energy and matter
  • time and space
  • astronomical and microscopic scales.

Science used to be built on mathematics developed over centuries on paper.

17-09-29-red-yangSince the advent of computing based on 0 and 1 as ‘binary bits’, anything ‘digital’ seems to take priority over analog technologies.

Revisiting the ancient polarities of Yin and Yang with the eyes of a mature programmer on a laptop has resulted in the Digital I Ching.

This adds visual and numerical ordering of:

  1. individual hexagrams into new matrices, digital designs and visual diagrams
  2. complete sets of hexagrams into new quadrants for visualising time and consciousness.

Thanks to Google images, I found the image that Taoist Babe published, making connections between the I Ching and the DNA!

I translated her decimal numbers on the left into octal ones on the right:


Thus we can see two kinds of orders:

  1. a visual one thanks to the trigrams
  2. a numerical one thanks to octal digits.

Maybe we need to become philosophers or poets under Eastern influence, before we can make genuine ‘quantum leaps’ and advance scientific Western thinking?

The Wisdom of Polarities is most admirably expressed in the I Ching:

  • Yang (male / heaven) and Yin (female / earth)
  • the constancy of change
  • the symmetries of directions for change
  • unchanging truths between Heaven and Earth.

‘Digital I Ching’ Posts:

‘Digital I Ching’ Pages: 

  1. Why Digital I Ching?
  2. The Tao of Computing
  3. Binary Logic, Strictly Octal and Amazingly Visual
  4. Binary Divinations
  5. Digital Designs
  6. Interpretations
  7. Visual Diagrams

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