Digital Designs

My nephew told me about and thus I opened

Attractive designs illustrate

1. Polarities:

  • Odd and Even hexagram numbers
  • Phenomena between Heaven and Earth
  • Events in the Past and the Future
  • Energies in our Consciousness and Unconsciousness

2. Symmetries:

  • of numbers in a single set
  • of reflected changes in sets of two
  • of directional changes in sets of four

1 00 77 dia pink








Set of Two:

However, only 3 colours are permitted and since black and white are a necessity, I can’t play with colours the way I did to illustrate rough changes and smooth transitions.

But the I Ching is entering a new life, as the Chinese Year of the Sheep will begin in February. Its lucky number is supposedly… number 8 – the basis of the octal number system!

2 polarities: Yin and Yang — 4 points of view or cornerstones — for fourfold symmetry

What difference does it make whether hexagrams have even or odd numbers?


Digital Designs for

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