HEXAGRAMS: in Blue and Yellow

Blue and Yellow hexagrams are formed from blue and yellow trigrams.

The amazingly visual effects by reversing the orders of matrices is here again. You may enjoy looking at them by zooming.

Here we reverse the order of hexagrams: from 00 to 77 to 77 to 00.

And now we also reverse the order of the matrices.

Next, horizontal shading adds visual effects as a basis for new meaning when interpreting the change caused by moving lines to turn one histogram into another:

And the magic of octal numbers in reversed order of matrices:

Here, the order of hexagrams gets reversed:

Reversing the order of matrices results in these effects:

And now the visual effects of vertical shading:

And in reverse order:

Reversing the order of hexagrams:

Reversing the order of matrices:

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