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By attributing 0 to the broken Yin and 1 to the solid Yang line, we can attribute binary values. By taking a group of 3 binary digits, we obtain octal values:

A Story Board Composed from I Ching Hexagrams
in the Sequence of Octal Numbers

The I Ching [Book of Changes]issomulti-facetted for its many levels of interpretation that I was glad when I discovered anewsequenceforthe64hexagrams. Foritgivesmetheopportunitytoputin a nutshell what the I Ching is about:

  1. An oracle answering with two hexagrams to describe the current and future situation;
  2. A Book of Wisdom with suggestions for good and bad action
    and a general philosophy of life.

This is therefore the essence of each hexagram, but in the sequence of octal numbers which are derived from three binary digits.

By starting with 00 [Earth / Feminine] and ending with 77 [Heaven / Masculine], I hope that our journey on Earth might reach the Heavens by co-joining smartly with binary technology.

The King Wen links lead to interpretations of the Wilhelm & Baynes translation that the Wisdom Portal publishes.

00 2 Receptiveness Earth is entirely receptive to Light from the Heavens. Woman is open to gifts from Man.
Balance is needed for technology to protect Earth.
01 16 Providing-For When Earth is fertilised by the Heavens,
everything is provided for.
02 8 Grouping On Earth, people are grouping to work together
and to celebrate unions.
03 45 Clustering Grouping leads to clustering for more efficiency
and increased effectiveness.
04 23 Stripping To become successful,
redundancies may have to be stripped away.
05 36 Darkening
of the Light
It may be necessary to hide your light.
Consider your desirable outcomes!
06 20 Viewing Looking at Life’s situations from all possible angles
is an art we need to learn all the time.
07 12 Obstruction Resistance is necessary
so that we learn to overcome obstructions.
10 24 Returning We will return to where we came from,
but with more awareness and experience
so that we can make better decisions.
11 51 Shake It seems necessary to be shocked and shaken
so that we wake up and come to our senses.
12 3 Sprouting Sprouting is necessary and takes its time
like babies take their time of nine months.
13 17 Following Sometimes we follow. Sometimes we lead.
But our intuition and inner voice should always win!
14 27 Swallowing Nourishment is fundamental for all living beings.
This hexagram promises nurturing!
15 21 Gnawing Bite Do we have enough ‘tooth’ to bite?
Can we bite through what we’re given to chew?
16 42 Augmenting A period of growth – as in all projects and processes – is promising.
17 25 Without Embroiling Be like an innocent baby:
without preconceived ideas and notions.
20 7 Leading Leading troops and armies is symbolic of employees, markets, clients, campaigners or activists.
21 40 Taking-Apart But before success can be achieved, components need to be untangled and differentiated.
22 29 Gorge We may otherwise hit this danger that requires more vigilance and care than usual.
23 47 Confining We may even have to restrict ourselves for a while to avoid oppression and master exhaustion.
24 4 Enveloping Then the young shoots of fresh energies
can unfold for good fortune.
25 64 Not Yet Fording Shortly before the goal, we must hang in and persevere. Never, never give up!
26 59 Dispersing Before energies, like water, can gather again,
they may have to disperse for a while.
27 6 Arguing We may even have to go through conflict and problems, before we come out with flying colours.


30 19 Nearing As we approach our goal,
we may see more difficulties and hindrances.
31 54 Converting the Maiden Marriage of polarities, union of opposites, the ultimate goal. Seduction, persuasion and conversion are skills of honest and open communication.
32 60 Articulating Articulating our own thoughts and our own feelings is at the heart of human existence. Keep trying!
33 58 Open Anything goes. Just do it!
What’s the worst that can happen?
34 41 Diminishing Every phase of growth is followed by a phase
where things diminish and ‘go down’.
35 38 Polarising Polarising means separating extremes so that clarity and balance can emerge before unison and union.
36 61 Center Returning Back to the inner core, the inner voice
that knows nothing but the truth.
37 10 Treading Keep going keeping going! Hang in there!
This, too, will pass!
40 15 Humbling For true success in the outer world, modesty and egolessness are required in the inner world.
41 62 Small Exceeding Small is beautiful! Micro is powerful!
Nano is wonderful! Forget growth!
42 39 Limping Don’t be surprised if plain sailing is not on offer.
You may have to limp, until waves are calming down.
43 31 Conjoining You see, patience brings good fortune!
For business partnerships or personal friendships.
44 52 Bound When you are immutable as a mountain,
when nothing can sway you,
you are getting closer to Buddhahood!
45 56 Sojourning Never be a tourist! Always be a traveller!
Life never has a goal, but is always a process.
46 53 Infiltrating As long as you see the journey as being more important than the goal, you will make gradual progress and advance.
47 33 Retiring You may have to retreat! Reculer pour mieux sauter, the French say: step back to jump better ahead!
50 35 Prospering You and your life can and will prosper. It depends how you measure success. E.g. the Japanese measure success by the number of risks taken.
51 55 Abounding Nature and Life tend to move along smooth transitions with turning points.
A growth phase can thus last.
52 63 Already Fording This is already the beginning of a new phase.
Don’t linger on!
53 49 Skinning Redundancies have to be removed. Superfluous people, things, processes need to be slimmed down.
54 22 Adorning The pearl in the oyster might become visible
or the uncut diamond.
55 30 Radiance This stage of success may shine into the world
and radiate the essence of your undertaking.
56 37 Dwelling People Do you want to get married or join a community
or enterprise? Good fortune!
57 13 Concording People Get to know everybody!
Connect with likeminded people!
60 46 Ascending Like plants need to push upwards through the ground, you have to persevere with your efforts.
61 32 Persevering Commitment is the first stage. Perseverance the next virtue, if you want to succeed
by living according to your inner voice.
62 48 Welling The ground is welling up for your projects.
Watch out that you keep control!
63 28 Great Exceeding Once critical mass is reached,
great achievements can be made!
64 18 Correcting Feedback is the mechanism for fine tuning and correcting what needs control and managing.
65 50 Holding Then you can keep cooking and stewing
for good fortune and success!
66 57 Ground Nurture gently. Manage kindly. Grow effortlessly.
Ground yourself in your innermost thoughts.
67 44 Coupling Real meetings of minds, bodies and souls require attention and awareness on many levels.
70 11 Pervading Peace is the ultimate greatness.
The ultimate reward. The ultimate success!
71 34 Great Invigorating When all power is concentrated, it can be unleashed – with awareness.
72 5 Attending And then it needs nurturing and nourishing
so that good fortune will be the outcome.
73 43 Displacement It may be necessary to take spontaneous action
and break through.
74 26 Great Accumulating Give special attention to tending and taming strong energies, accumulations and excesses.
75 14 Great Possessing Remember we are born naked and we leave this planet in the same way. Meanwhile, enjoy your possessions, without clinging to them.
76 9 Small Accumulating Little steps are wise for little feet.
Small remains beautiful.
77 1 Force When all variations of growth and diminishing phases have been experienced, you may experience the ultimate force of mastering your destiny!

This is a story board with ‘nuggets’ of the 64 hexagrams, told as a string of ‘wisdom quotes’ – with links to the full original interpretations of the Wilhelm & Baynes translations.

[1] http://3d-metrics.com/wordpress/software-methods

[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oscar_Wilde

[3] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ren%C3%A9_Descartes

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