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English: Yin & Yang

English: Yin & Yang (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Change and Constancy

Everything is either Yin or Yang.
Everything changes from Yin to Yang
or from Yang to Yin
and is always in transition.
That is the foundation of the I Ching.

Yin is symbolised by a broken line.
As answer to an oracle question, it means NO.
Yang is symbolised by an unbroken line.
In response to an oracle, it means YES.

When Yin is 0 and Yang is 1, everything becomes binary or digital.
Everything digital is also numerical
since Zeroes and Ones line up to become Numbers.

When Pythagoras realised: “Everything is Number”,
he had studied meditation and vegetarianism
and cultivated his mind and body.


Polarities are the universal foundation.
Binary bits are the electronic reflection
of an electromagnetic world
for human interaction and exploration.

The computer and the internet
have given to humanity
more than books and films before.

Computers acquaint us
with 0 and 1 as symbols for Yin and Yang,
anima and animus, feminine – masculine, earth and heaven,
ideas and realities, concepts and techniques,
the world behind and before our eyes,
the world above our heads and below our feet.

A decimal order of hexagrams

And thus we move
between the analogue world of Chinese moving lines
and the digital world of Western electronics,
as we try to leave our planet better than when we joined it.

But, now there’s a difference:
after King Wen decided that Heaven (Man) is 1
and Earth (Woman) is 2,
I am suggesting that Earth becomes 00 and Heaven 77, octally speaking.

14 09 22 Eight TrigramsIndians discovered that 0 comes before 1.
And thus the ancient Book of Changes
becomes a new book of pathways
for earthlings to be heavenly again
after they lost touch with their humanity.

Starting with Earth as 00
and finishing with Heaven as 77,
this is a pathway in binary steps of broken Yin and unbroken Yang lines,
in octal leaps of trigrams
combined into 64 hexagrams.

A new story board unfolds:
with numerical order
in octal sequentiality.

14 09 22 Eight HexagramsBut we can also move back again:
from 77 to 00,
from Heaven to Earth.

And thus the East meets West,
China meets Europe once again,
through the digital eyes
of a computer trained woman

May the outcome be new dimensions
in many global minds
thanks to the world wide web
which was born at CERN
where I practised working with octal numbers…

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