— of Time and Consciousness

Time has been visualised along an x-axis as a timeline – moving from the Past on the Left to the Future on the Right:

P F U CIt is now possible to arrange hexagrams also below the x-axis so that our night time dreaming can be taken into account as access to our unconsciousness.

For our journey through life is one of discovery:

  • what we set out to do before we were born as spiritual beings
  • what we experience through our physical senses
  • by developing our awareness from an unconscious ‘womb state’ of bliss into a conscious self-determined human being, taking charge of our destiny – in harmony with what we decided before we were born.

The I Ching can help us along, as we move from our unconscious energies accumulated in our childhood to living more and more consciously: shining more and more light on our motivations and intentions in our ideas and actions.

4 Quadrants 00 77

From Unconscious Earth to Conscious Heaven

4 Quadrants 77 00

From Conscious Heaven to Unconscious Earth

When we use it for divination, we find

  1. where we are ‘rooted’ as our starting position: in one of the eight quadrants
  2. where we are going towards one of the eight quadrants as the ending position of the anticipated change.

Then we locate the set of hexagrams belonging to the particular quadrant as the context for our question or problem:

  • are we asking for new inspiration and intuition to manifest ideas?
  • are we needing to delve into our past to understand our present situation?

Moving into the Past means delving into our Unconsciousness or reviewing what we’ve experienced.

Moving into the Future means anticipating and creating things to come.

Moving into Unconsciousness means practising self-knowledge in whatever way is appropriate to us to become aware of our thoughts, emotions and sensations: meditation, creative writing, journalling, whatever it takes to be honest with ourselves as a spiritual being in a physical body.

Moving into Consciousness means being more and more aligned with the destiny that we once chose for ourselves – expressed most beautifully by Hermann Hesse in this poem.

We then find the specific hexagram with its two changing lines that determines a second hexagram as the outcome, also described on Numerical Interpretations.


Visual Diagrams for

1. Lines

2. Trigrams and

3. Hexagrams

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