The TAO of Computing

It is rooted in transcending polarities, the Tao.
It unites Ying and Yang as they permeate each other.

And thus the Tao of Computing also unites: the Zeroes and Ones in machines,
while adding the Codes of people.

Codes are man-made conventions
for typing to machines
that were built from physical analogues of electric states
into digital alternatives.

No middle way
and no transcendence.
Just either / or.

But Life ain’t made that way.
The I Ching packed it into 64 hexagrams
a ‘minimalist package’ of wisdom
based on nature and the nature of humans.

In analogy, we can try to put Computing into 64 packets:
in the order that the Chinese created,
before I came up with the Digital I Ching
with octal numbers as new sequence for its 64 hexagrams.

I am using the short definition of Wikipedia and link to a ‘divination site‘ for ‘visionary decision making’.

01 The Creative: Creative Power

In the beginning, there was the thought, the idea of a machine,
in the mind of Charles Babbage, and it evolved from Difference to Analytical Engine.

02 The Receptive
Then there was the material on earth, the nuts and bolts,
the bits and pieces that make engines work.

03 Sprouting: Difficulty at the Beginning
And they went forth and multiplied
by becoming smaller and smaller and lighter and lighter.

04 Enveloping: Youthful Folly
They began to embrace our behaviour
and determined the pace of our actions.

05 Attending: Patience
And they were waiting for our thoughts
and feedback, our poll responses and big data clicks.

06 Arguing: Conflict
The good guys began to separate from the bad guys.
Wikileaks became more popular than governments.

07 Leading: Organised Discipline
And the internet community began to lead public opinion
and crowds of wisdom, challenging the 1% who rule the world with dishonest money.

08 Grouping: Holding Together
Platforms and chat rooms, videos, blogs and images,
texts, books, animals and peoples – we’re all in it together – on screen.

09 Small Accumulating: Small Influences
Are we winning towards the better world?
Are the sprouts becoming shoots as they aim at paradise on earth?

10 Treading Carefully
We’re still far too isolated behind our multi-sized screens.
We’re still treading water, as the bad guys prepare for tsunamis.

11 Pervading: Harmony
We will only permeate gradually, the dark powers of Big Brother Evil
with the light powers of Little Sister Goodness.

12 Obstruction: Standstill
We will meet with a lot of stagnation and a lot of hindrances online –
by shills, trolls and hoaxers, who think of their own pleasures rather than the well-being of all.

13 Concording People: Fellowship
But the desire for fellowship with good people
brings those together who can make a difference.

14 Great Possessing: Affluence
We, with our phones, tablets, laptops and computers,
will access the Kingdom of Heaven – thanks to the magic of the net, web and connectivity.

15 Humbling: Humility
We will remain small individuals, lone wolves and free spirits
as bloggers, posters, tweeters, linkers and chatters.

16 Providing-For: Enthusiasm
But we will have the enthusiasm required
to share our knowledge and experience, gained from ‘learning by doing’.

17  Following
We shall follow our clicks and intuitions,
links and hyperlinks, as we share news, information and knowledge that can’t be gained elsewhere.

18 Correcting: Repairing What Is Spoiled
We need to correct what was done with wrong intentions,
wrong long-term planning that people did not live long enough to see.

19 Nearing: Approach of Spring
Now we see. Now we know better.
Now we can tell the difference between reality and deception.

20 Overview
Not all of us have the same perspective,
not everybody shares world views of deceptions by design, conspiracy realities by contract.

21 Gnawing Bite: Cutting Through
But wake-up calls are getting louder.
We will cut through this difficulty, too, one website at a time.

22 Adorning: Grace and Beauty
WordPress themes get fancier, Apps are more use- and beautiful.
More and more artists take to the digital potential of cyber- and computer worlds.

23 Stripping: Splitting Apart
The gap shall widen between good and evil,
individuals and institutions, paid to kill, maim and ‘just do their job’: punitively and vindictively.

24 Returning
We shall return to the Natural, the Organic, the Biological,
and we shall enter the Cosmic, the Universal, the Macro-Scales,
with the aid of technology and computing for GOOD purposes, with HEALING intentions.

25 Without Embroiling: Innocence
In simple and straight-forward ways, we shall come together:
without middlemen and ‘authorities’ other than programmers who dictate our clicks.

26 Great Accumulating: Containment of Potential
We will use the vast potential energy for goodness,
once debt-created debit will not be common place for ‘currency’ meant to enslave. We will liberate.

27 Swallowing: Nourishment
We will provide money as nourishment and comfort, security and survival
so that healing and learning can abound, sharing creativity online and offline.

28 Great Exceeding: Excessive Pressure
Goodness will surpass evil. Greatness will exceed all efforts of the past.
Evolutionary Computing helps us along, as we’re learning to live in ‘synarchy’ or ‘joint hierarchy’ with technology.

29 Gorge: Dangerous Depths
Abysses may open, causing fear and anxiety. But, this, too, will pass.
‘Undo’ or CTRL-Z is the button to click on a machine. Ah, would that we could do that in real life!

30 Radiance: Clinging like Fire
Thanks to the net and the web, we will succeed in our efforts
of radiating light, goodness, positivity, compensation for victims rather than punishment of perpetrators.

31 Conjoining: Mutual Attraction
For just as Gentiles and Jews will come together,
so will we all have to face our conscience sooner or later, looking for remorse and repent.

32 Persevering: Endurance
Becoming a human being, resisting temptations, without committing sins,
means commitment and perseverance, sticking to one’s own principles, of not hurting others.

33 Retiring: Retreat
In the spirit of ‘soft power’ and non-violence
we shall yield and retreat rather than retaliate.

34 Great Invigorating: Great Vigour
With the maturity of grey hair and experience of mainframes
we will invigorate future generations and give them new tools of investigation.

35 Prospering: Easy Progress
We shall change our time of austerity into times of prosperity
where mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health matter.

36 Darkening of the Light
And as bright minds are being outshone,
the true light will never darken, will always shine: the truth of an individual and his computer.

37 Dwelling People: Community
Thus the networks of likeminded people will expand online and form offline.
Likespirited communities will abound and grow light technologies for paradise on earth.

38 Polarising: Diverging Interests
Evil and destruction will become more and more sharply visible.
“Which side are you on” will become the question of the day.

39 Limping: Temporary Obstacles
May the obstructions be minimal, as we move along the ‘Eternal Now’
of 24/7 connectivity with GOOD guys, while BAD guys will continue to obstruct, hinder, hurt and kill…

40 Taking-Apart: Deliverance
May the liberation from our struggles begin with this time of untangling
what churches, governments, central and other banks have produced over centuries and decades!

41 Diminishing: Decrease
May obstacles and hindrances melt in the light of truth, justice and forgiveness!
May the world come to a standstill of weaponry, a halt to arms and the start of peaceful existence.

42 Augmenting: Increase
May goodness overcome badness for good!
May arms producers create apps, widgets and healing gadgets rather than killing machineries!

43 Displacement: Determination
It will require resolute decisions and firmness for breakthroughs to last,
firm attitudes are needed to chase the enemies through computer communication and data stories…

44 Coupling: Liaison
Connecting and joining with likeminded folk is MUCH easier now with the net than when computer net-working began. With firm correctness, it can only lead to good fortune, whether as personal, professional or campaigning partner.

45 Clustering: Gathering Together
Clusters, hubs, core groups, closed user groups, special interest groups:
the grouping, re-grouping and going home as individuals does not stop.

46 Ascending: Pushing Upward
From obscurity to influence, we shall grow and ascend, move onwards and upwards
until we feel it was worth the effort and the suffering: victory is in sight, if not at hand.

47 Confining: Oppression
And even if things keep being hard and oppressive, when systems crash and stop,
when anarchy rules and anything goes: as long as there’s life, there’s hope!

48 Welling: The Well
Tapping into our wells of software may distract us from finding essentials
in ourselves for manipulating data, messages, friends, contacts and connections.

49 Skinning: Revolution
At times of revolution, accelerated by computer technologies, it is particularly opportune
to stay tuned to our inner self, go deeper into our core and stick to PRINCIPLES.

50 Holding: The Cauldron
Nourishment and rejuvenation are essential until we leave this planet and our computers behind.
Putting new life into old forms is required over and over, like upgrading operating systems…

51 Shake: Shock
Shock shakes: good and bad. Restart may be necessary. Upgrading maybe.
The critical factor is the ability to become immune to fear: the fear of pain and rejection.

52 Bound: Keeping Still
Shut down. Meditation between technology-aided information and communication.
For the pace and depth of our thinking and understanding are determined by our ability to master our hard- and software.

53 Infiltrating: A Steady Pace
Water infiltrates at a steady pace to create gradual processes of interchange
between what is underneath and above it. And thus we need to develop a steady rhythm with which we alternate between our life before, behind and away from computer screens, if we want to develop and evolve as human beings, in unison with technology, for the benefit of people and planet.

54 Converting the Maiden: Careful Affection
To take the best of both worlds, the innocence of girls and children, and the wisdom of men and women, is our challenge, when developing ‘synarchy’: the joint hierarchy between humanity and technology.

55 Abounding: Great Abundance
Online petitioning has been one of my joys when using computers for spreading information.
When victories are achieved, online celebrations don’t make up for face-to-face joy though.

56 Sojourning: The Wanderer
The need for change is best experienced through travelling. And yet, Google Maps and Google Earth allow us virtual discoveries and visual delights. But outer change of input to our eyes is not what changes our inner attitudes to Self, Life and Computers.

57 Ground: Gentle Penetration
Standing our ground, with and without the aid of computers, is an important ability to achieve in life.
Typing to machines gives us power to express new kinds of thoughts and interesting functionalities.

58 Open: Joy
To discover joy via computers may be easier than via books or musical instruments.
Whatever our avenue, let us pursue it. For that is the true elixir of life.

59 Dispersing
All obstacles dissolve in time. Can we wait? Is it wise to wait? To switch our machine off?
The first thing to dissolve is any rigidity that separates us from others. Computing connects. How well do we use the opportunity, is the question…

60 Articulating: Limits and Connections
Software-aided thinking has been my joy of discovery, creative thinking and conceptual innovations.
Limits are sizes of computer screens, capacities of data storage, speed of processing power.
But what advantages over typewriters and writing with pen on paper!

61 Center Returning: Centering in Truth
When you are firm and strong, the power of truth can break through even the most stubborn minds.
Similarly, the computer is always right. For it normally operates in entirely reproducible ways.
Contrary to humans.

62 Small Exceeding: Attention to Detail
Wise interpreters of the I Ching write: carefully attend to details and act with humility.
Computers teach us to carefully attend to details. But more often that seems to infuriate people,
for they don’t understand the underlying necessities.

63 Already Fording: After Completion
Maybe, once forced adoptions will be abolished in the UK, I will feel this sense of completion…
Maybe, once a website is up to demonstrate my three software methods, I will feel a first stage of completion. Until then, I keep typing, mousing and clicking…

64 Not Yet Fording: Nearing Completion
Isn’t it interesting that ‘after completion’ precedes ‘nearing completion’ in the traditional sequence of hexagrams?
There are many things that near completion when we work with computers:
from emails to documents, worksheets, videos, artwork, websites and software.

And thus this Tao of Computing is a story of evolution:

  • of human thinking and engineering
  • of human communication enhanced by computer networking
  • and next: my software to enhance our place in nature and cosmos.

Onwards and Upwards!

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