Wisdom of Polarities

Deutsch: Yin Yang

Yin Yang (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The I Ching – or Book of Changes – is the oldest book of wisdom humanity has inherited from Chinese culture.

It is based on two fundamental polarities:

  • YinEarth and Darkness or the Feminine, Time and Unconsciousness
  • and Yang – Heaven and Light or the MasculineSpace and Consciousness, as the two principles that govern all phenomena between heaven and earth.

My understanding of polarities has developed from

  1. Richard Wilhelm‘s translation of the I Ching into German as the first Western language which I began to study in my twenties;
  2. Gestalt therapy and other humanistic approaches as mechanisms for closing ‘gaps’ of awareness;
  3. analysing mathematics [abstract, behind our eyes] as a model for physics [concrete, before our eyes] and other sciences with the result of 3D Metrics: metrology [expressed through programming on screen] is the link that Einstein was looking for.

The result of analysing the I Ching is a new ordering principle for its 64 hexagrams. They are composed from:

14 10 11 Yin Yang — a broken Yin line
— and a solid Yang line.
These 2 lines form
4 line pairs or ‘bigrams’
— and 8 ‘trigrams’ of 3 lines:
14 09 22 Trigrams Chinese top dn
2 trigrams then form
a hexagram’ of 6 lines and
8 * 8 trigrams
create 64 hexagrams:
14 09 22 Chinese visual matrix

Previously, different sequences have been created and are described

I describe the principal sequences on

My new ordering principle comprises the following:

1. Numerical Sequencing – as a storyboard

  • instead of counting in decimal numbers from 1 to 64, I am counting in octal numbers from 0 to 77 (63).

2. Octal Ordering – into digital designs and visual diagrams:

4 Quadrants 00 77Matrices of 8 * 8 trigrams can be organised in various ways to position 64 hexagrams:

  • when I number the trigrams from 0 to 7 they result in hexagrams from 00 to 77.

3. Visual Patterning in Diagrams

Hexagrams with EVEN octal numbers

Hexagrams with EVEN octal numbers

Colouring shows up

  • different positions of hexagrams in quadrants of past and future
  • transitions, connections and symmetries.

4. Numerical Interpretations

Complete sets of hexagrams can be arranged in 8 quadrants.

0123 Quadrants4567 QuadrantsBy associating them with Time and Consciousness, they offer additional scope for the interpretation of change, when using the I Ching as an oracle:

  • starting and end conditions for the direction of change between Past and Future
  • inward / outward and upward / downward directions between Consciousness and Unconsciousness

More detailed descriptions in Visual Diagrams and

Finally, new visual designs and diagrams result in t-shirts!

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