Richard Wilhelm’s Moving Line Sequence

This list is at the end of Richard Wilhelm’s book to find the number of a hexagram after a divination.

I have added the octal value for each hexagram. But Wilhelm’s serial number is based on the visual progression of the movement of the broken line(s) as the ordering principle of the hexagrams.

My numerical ordering is based on the single digit octal value of the trigrams as the basis for a double digit octal value for each hexagram.

Here are the first eight hexagrams in Richard Wilhelm’s ‘moving line sequence’. The series 9 – 64 is on this page.

Richard Wilhelm King Wen Octal Short Name
1 1 77 Positiveness / The Creative
2 44 67 Receptiveness
13 57 To Be Stationed / To Assemble
4 10 37 The Undeveloped One
9 76 Waiting / Stagnation / Hesitation
6 14 75 Dispute / Litigation
7 43 73 Military Leadership
33 47 Fellowship

0 14 10 08 33 77 BW dia BY

This matrix is derived from the list at the end of the first German translation. It was produced to find the original King Wen number that identifies a hexagram.

I added the octal number of each trigram on top and on the side.

This leads to an octal number as a double digit for each hexagram.

Please note:

  • the sequence of octal trigram numbers is 7, 0, 1, 2,  4, 6, 5, 3
  • the diagonal hexagrams thus are 77, 00, 11, 22,  44, 66, 55, 33.

To every hexagram, I have added a link to its text and its octal number. This pdf file allows the links to be clicked to lead to the binary Wikipedia interpretation.

Richard Wilhelm contributed to the School of Wisdom which was founded by Count Hermann Keyserling in Darmstadt in 1920 where Richard Wilhelm participated. The translations are published by the Wisdom Portal.

After I studied mathematics and computing in Darmstadt, I met Arnold Keyserling in Geneva where I had invited him as a speaker at European Conferences on Humanistic Psychology that I organised. Thus he became the first President of the European Association of Humanistic Psychology and I was the Secretary.

0 14 10 08 33 77 COL mirror pairsIt is remarkable: Chinese polarities bridge opposites just as many humanistic therapies.

Here I’m adding the revelation of hidden patterns of unseen numerical orders.

This diagram highlights the symmetry inherent in ‘numerically mirroring’ pairs of hexagrams which contain 0:

  • e.g. 07 and 70 [yellow]
  • or 01 and 10 [grey]
  • or 03 and 30 [green].

This gallery shows the four possibilities of ordering the trigrams so that hexagrams appear in different positions, thus indicating different transitions of change from one hexagram to another. Here they all start with Heaven / The Creative (1 octal 77) and end with The Joyous (58 octal 33). Numerically speaking, they are ‘descending’ from 77 to 33.

These four diagrams have in common that the hexagrams are ‘ascending’ from 33 to 77:

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